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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Love Hurts)

Love Hurts

Vicki : "Where have your hands been tonight?"
Henry (smiling) : " Ask me again in a couple hours."

Vicki : "Well he doesn't have an alibi.
He also doesn't have a ghost or a monster or a zombie...
Henry : " Your eyes say that plain old murder's boring.
They say that supernatural, other-worldly, freaky, turns you on."
Vicki : "It always has to come back to you, doesn't it?"
Henry : "This could be your fate Vicki."

Henry : "A gardener who quotes poetry."
Vicki : "You sound almost jealous. How endearing."
Henry : "Jealousy's a useless emotion."
Vicki (playfully mocking Henry) : " After four hundred and fifty years,
I don't waste my time on futile feelings."
Henry : "Don't knock experience."

Vicki : "I'll go over tomorrow sniff around some more."
Henry : "Anywhere in particular?"
Vicki : "You're kinda twisted. Has anyone ever told you that?"
Henry : " Maybe I'll come. He sounds irresistible."

Vicki : " I'm trained to notice details.'
Henry : " So am I. Like your heart beating faster."
Vicki : " Too much caffeine."
Henry : "If you need to relax, I can quote you some poetry... Apparently it works."
Vicki : " If you wanna know what works? You could get the garbage on your way out."

Vicki : "You weren't just... over at my place...
you know, some how like in bed with me, running your hands all over my body? That kind of thing?
Henry : " That depends, were you enjoying it? ... No."
Vicki : "Are you sure?"
Henry : " I think I'd remember... Disappointed?"
Vicki : "No, no relieved."
Henry : "You don't look relieved."
Vicki : "Oh no, this is my relief face."
Henry : "Because finding me in your bed
running my hands all over your body would be... horrible."
Vicki : "Unless you were invited."
Henry : "I'm all ears."
Vicki : "... Here's the catch. You're a vampire.
I'm a half blind private investigator. These stories always end up tragic."
Henry : "We could beat the odds."
Vicki : " I'm not much of a gambler."
Henry (after a long pause, as Vicki walks away) : "We could cuddle after."

Vicki: "What about the gardener? You check him out?"
Mike: " Not as much as you did I bet."
Mike : "Come on Vick, I just don't wanna see you get hurt."
Vicki : "I'm going to try and remember
that this is coming out of your concern for me, not out of some kind of cave man complex."
Mike: "Why can't it be both?"

Vicki : "...We are going to release Henry's mojo on them."
Henry : " I don't have mojo. I have charm. Charisma, if you will."

Vicki : "I want to search the gardener's cottage."
Coreen : "I want to search the gardener."
Vicki : "He's our suspect."
Coreen : "Delicious until proven guilty."

Vicki : "So, you okay with this?"
Henry : "I've talked to women before."
Vicki : "Yeah, but not as a P.I."
Henry : "Yet I usually get what I want."
Vicki : "You're not gonna, you know, bite them are you?"

Vicki (laughing) : "You golf?"
Henry : "My father killed the Scottish king. Yes, I golf."

Henry : "Incubus do that?"
Coreen : " Yes! Vicki had a visit the other night you know. Lucky."
Henry : "The other night when you came over. The hands all over you.
The hands you hoped were mine."
Vicki: "Feared."

Henry : "That's how they resisted me.
They were under the influence of the incubus!"
Vicki : "I thought you were irresistible."
Coreen : " You resist him."
Henry : "The incubus got there first."
Vicki : "Some excuse."

Vicki : " ... Emmanuel might be an incubus."
Mike : "What is that, a special interest group?"
Vicki : "No, it's a sex demon."

Mike (referring to Henry) : "Hey, speaking of which, where is he, all right?
Attacking women in bed sounds more like his kinda thing, don't you think?"

Coreen : "I'd volunteer but the bait has to be sexually frustrated." (She looks at Vicki)
Vicki : "What? I'm not sexually frustrated."
Coreen : " And when he ended up here the other night, what? He took the wrong exit?"

Coreen : " I know this may be hard for you, but try to be in an open, receptive mood."
Vicki : " Okay, open and receptive. To a demon coming to kill me. Sure."
Henry (after kissing Vicki passionately) : "Open yet?"

Mike : "I looked it up. Fitz. Roy."
Henry (sarcastically) : "He reads."
Vicki : "Yeah, you two are going to be a BIG help."

Incubus/Emmanuel : "I can feel that within you too, Vicki. A longing.
Vicki : "I have no longing... there is no longing...
well actually I have been thinking about
getting a dog."
Incubus/Emmanuel : "You don't have to explain."
Henry & Mike (both at the same time) : " No, explain!"

Henry : "He's lying. He's a demon. It's like breathing to them."
Mike : "Yeah, unlike vampires."
Vicki (to both) : "Focus!"

Mike (making fun of Henry's height) : "Tiny little killers, huh?
That's not such a stretch now is it?"
Henry (angrily) : "Tell me detective, you sleep with your windows open?"
Vicki (to both) : " I repeat. Focus!"

Coreen : "She's one of the furies. The angry ones."
Henry (to Mike) : " Relative of yours?"
Vicki : " Stop it!"

Vicki : " Glad I'm not the one writing the report."
Mike : "Murder by jealousy demon in the 2nd degree.
It practically writes itself, doesn't it?"

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