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Thursday, June 10, 2010

True Blood: A Vampire Villanelle

So last week, I was given the assignment (in my poetry writing workshop) to write a Villanelle. (An example of which is the popular Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night.)

Now mind you, I am (have always been) more of a free verse writing type poet. So as much as I may enjoy reading the occasional, traditional/ structured poetry, like, for example, Sonnets, I'm not much for writing them.
Nevertheless, I decided to take on the challenge of writing the Villanelle. And what a challenge it was... Until!

Until I decided to write on two of my favourite topics. Vampires, and more specifically True Blood.

And how apropos, because with season 3 almost upon us (with only 3 days left to go from today, June 10th), and as waiting has sucked to the point (of a fang) of wanting to "do bad things", here's hoping to God(ric) that the vampire villanelle helps sustain, even if only for a little bite... I mean bit! ;)

True Blood:  a Vampire Villanelle
True, it’s in the Blood and we know it all too well.
You don’t know how much is at stake!
'til Sunday, seeking solace in vampire Villanelle.

Season one was fangtastic, there was so much to tell.
How much more waiting does it take?
it’s in the Blood and we know it all too well.

On Bill, Eric and Sam, *Sookeeh seems to have cast a spell.
Waiting sucks! Don’t tempt a fans’ faith.
'til Sunday, seeking solace in vampire Villanelle.

Lafayette’s a charm. Baby vamp Jessica’s a thrill, hell
Almost all in Bon Temps are just about great.
it’s in the Blood and we know it all too well.

Season two started strong. Close to the end it kinda fell.
Although, “I will Rise up” … the best episode to date.
'til Sunday, seeking solace in vampire Villanelle.

Season 3, soon we’ll see Alcide. So gravely we wait. We dwell.
HBO’s campaign? Bloody icing on the cake!
it’s in the Blood and we know it all too well.
'til Sunday, seeking solace in vampire Villanelle.


* Sookie – as per the way vampire Bill pronounces it on the show - Sookeeh

© 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"True" it's in the "Blood" T-minus 13 to the 13/06/2010 @ 9pm

Right now it's 9:00pm (eastern)on June 1st ... Day number 13 is almost over. Then tomorrow, day number 12, and the day after that, number 11... Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you smell it? Can you see it? Can you taste it? The anticipation is growing. Hell it's been growing for some time now. Since season 2 ended last summer... and boy does Waiting. Ever. Suck.  

But thank God(ric) our thirst will soon be quenched, as by about this time on Sunday June 13th, we'll be "neck" deep, back into one of our favourite shows. If you haven't figured out by now... I'm talking about True Blood baby!

HBO, the clever "suckers" that they are, have been teasing us die hard TrueBie fan(g)s relentlessly with their True Blood promos: "In Production" (behind the scenes shots), and the "Drop of Blood" minisodes, and the collectible posters ( VILF anyone ;) .... I'm sure some fans are just about ready to vamp, or better yet "were" out on someone's as...terix!  And speaking of Weres, well, we'll all see Alcide as he enters the Bill, Sookie, Eric triangle.

In any case (of TruBlood) while we continue to wait and count the days, towards nine that night, here are some random TrueBlood Season 3 stuff for the necking, oops I mean "checking". Enjoy!

HBO’s “Welcome Home” promo w/ True Blood S3 Clips