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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bite Bits: Kyle Schmid, VampChix, Faust and Fowley.

I interrupt the general vampire themed posts of this blog, to bring you a little acting review.... Well technically, the post is still "on point" as the actor in question has played a vampire before as well.

I'm speaking of Kyle Schmid, who played the vampire Henry Fitzroy in the tv show Blood Ties and who can now be seen in the new Canadian indie film GravyTrain. (Review on the new film GravyTrain in which Kyle Schmid co-stars with April Mullen and Tim Doiron redirects > Here!)

**Warning - This post may contain spoilers**

Kyle Schmid as Lance Dancaster in GravyTrain

Ok, so I know I can't do a review of GravyTrain, without giving mention to one of the actors there in, Kyle Schmid.

After all "some" (if not all) reading this review, may count themselves to be among his fans, who, though they (unfortunately) may have to wait a bit yet to see the film, are eagerly awaiting it, and are nonetheless, probably looking forward to hearing about his performance therein.
Well, I shan't give too much away regarding the plot a/o his role therein, but I must say, that the character of Lance Dancaster (as compared to the other characters of which we have seen Kyle play thus far) was yet another interesting departure for Mr. Schmid. And as we fans know, each of those other characters, in turn having been equally different from the other. 

Kyle embodied the character of the geeky Lance to a "baby blue turtle neck" T, injecting his performance with the personality, humour and mannerism of a sometimes bumbling, not-quite-adept, pencil pushing desk cop dork, who continuously, albeit vainly, tries to compete with Chuck GravyTrain's more cool, #1 cop persona.   

A friend, with whom I went to see the GravyTrain flick, and who by the way is not a fan of Kyle's (in the sense of, she has not seen much of his work and only knows about him because of yours truly... thus her opinion is an "unbiased" one), she told me, totally unsolicited mind you, that, and I quote:

"I think Kyle is a good actor and has the potential to do great things. This role was very different (from playing a vampire) but it's nice to see that he doesn't take himself too seriously and can take on the role of a goofy, funny character. I've seen him in *3 different movies and he portrays someone different in all of them. I'd like to see him in a comedy again."

*The "3 different movies" of which she is referring are: Zerophilia and The Blood Ties series and now GravyTrain.

Kyle Schmid continues to "become" or "inhabit" his roles on such a chameleon level that it's wonderful to watch. It is, to quote author Gabrielle Faust in a recent interview: "as if he has been that person in real life".

But to use a quote from Lance himself as he spoke to his "potato tooth-picked people" (as pictured above): "Don't believe what you hear I tell ya..."  But rather go catch GravyTrain if/when it pulls into a cinema station near you and see for yourself.


And speaking of  author Gabrielle Faust and "recent interview". Be sure to have a read of said interview which Gabrielle did recently with Raelynn Coombs of the Memphis Vampire Examiner, see Here!

There in Faust talks about Kyle (yes Faust is also a fan), her life and work including her acclaimed post apocalyptic vampire series Eternal Vigilance (which by the way, there is a petition to: Help Make Eternal Vigilance into a movie!)

For those who haven't you should consider giving the Eternal Vigilance series a read. 
It's been continuously getting great reviews & the legendary Kim Fowley (record producer & former manager of The Runaways) recently compared Ms. Faust's writing to Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling. See the Dangerous Minds interview Here (at bite bit 14:17)!


And speaking of vamp chicks like Ms. Faust.  One of my favourite blogs which I follow, VampChix has a new blog banner for those wishing to add to your blog or site to "show everyone you love vampires". You can find the banner Here!