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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Blood Price prt 1 & 2)

As mentioned in my previous blog [re: "Are those your fangs in my neck..." ], there is (was) this little show that could called "Blood Ties", which, apart from great acting by and superb chemistry between its cast, it ( Blood Ties) was also very smartly written, with loads of memorable dialogue.

So, week by week as each episode is being being re-aired via Canada's "SPACE: The Imagination Station", I've taken it upon myself (with the help of closed captioning, of course) to meticulously re-write some of those witty pieces of dialogue that we fans of the show, all love(d) so much!

Mind you, the list is mainly of those pieces that I find of particular note, thus it may not be 100% in depth.


Blood Price prt 1 & 2

Vicki : "How exactly does one become a vampire?"
Henry : "Vacation in Transylvania."

Vicki :"Didn't you notice the marks on your neck?"
Henry : "My neck wasn't the only place she put her mouth."

Henry : "I wasn't the one threatening the others' dental work... my smile is
my best feature."
Vicki : "I've never met a vain serial killer before."

Vicki [to Henry] : "Well, Four Hundred and Fifty or not, you and I start hanging out together, and they're gonna say I'm robbing the cradle."

Vicki : "I wouldn't have pegged you a day over 450."
Henry : "I use great moisturizer!"

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