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Friday, July 23, 2010

Vampire Henry Fitzroy's re-Birth-day... & actor Kyle Schmid's Birthday.

So today, Friday July 23rd, is somewhat of an auspicious day for those of us who are vampire fans. And more so, for those of us who are fans of a specific, Royal, blue blooded (albeit bastard) vampire Prince.

And whom might that vamp, du (ce) jour, be?

It's none other than vampire Henry Fitzroy.

Today marks the day when, thanks to the creative genius of author Tanya Huff, the real life persona of Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of King Henry VIII and 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset, died, but was re-born into the world of Huff's Blood Books as, vampire.

Today is also the day when, in the zodiac, the sun enters Leo and will remain there until August 22nd. Leo is represented by the symbol of the proud lion, which in essence, it (the lion) is also a royal symbol. Noted among the traits of a Leo personality are: Loyalty, self-confidence, charisma.

And speaking of Leo's and vampires (and don't you just love a good segue? :)  

The actor who embodied and breath life into the aforementioned vampire Henry Fitzroy on tv's Blood Ties also celebrates his own birthday under the zodiac sign of the Lion.

Yes Kyle Schmid is, as vampire Henry Fitzroy was, a Leo (albeit of the other month).  

Kyle will be celebrating his birthday coming up on August 3rd and in anticipation of this, an e-card was put together for him, for his fans to sign and leave messages.
Said card can be signed> here.

His Blood Ties co-star, actress Christina Cox also celebrates her birthday under the sign of Leo. This "lioness" celebrates this month, on July 31st, and an e-card has also been created for her fans to leave messages for her. Her card can be signed> here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Movie Review: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

So, once again, I interrupt the usual "vampire themed" posts of this blog to bring you a general movie review. Albeit, the film is of the fantasy genre (with some aspects of mild horror) and one of the two lead actors did play in vampire back in 1988 (so you see, in a way, it's still "all connected" :)

So what film am I talking about? 

What film, filled with fantasy, magic AND physics, mild horror, adventure, humour, great action and special effects and an actor who once played a vampire in 1988  (the film in question being The Vampire's Kiss)?

Why it's Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice of course. Starring Nicolas Cage and hometown (Montreal/Canadian) boy Jay Baruchel.

The Sorcercer's Apprentice made its Canadian debut, as the opening film feature at the commencement of the 14th edition of the Montreal Fantasia Film Festival, hosted, as it has been for the past several years by my alma mater (and present place of employ) Concordia University.

In one of the venue's largest theaters, 700 of us (or more if you include the actor Jay Baruchel and the Disney representatives who were present) were treated to the screening of said film, in advance of its opening next Wednesday, July 14th (date on above poster is incorrect).

And what a treat it was.

After the general Festival opening announcements, Baruchel, in a state of, what can only be described as "giddy, geeky, glee" introduced the film to the happy hometown audience. Then we sat back and allowed the magic to unfold.

Without giving too much (or anything) away, I can safely say that The Sorcercer's Apprentice was indeed an enjoyable film. 

Nic Cage made good as the "just a bit" crazy master sorcerer Balthazar Blake, on the quest to find the one who could be the next  to acquire Merlin's magic and defeat the evil Morgana.

And Jay Baruchel proved to be well cast as the nerdy, endearing, reluctant hero / apprentice.

With a nice, balanced blend of action, adventure and pretty cool special effects. The film takes the viewer on a fun ride, reminiscent of classic Disney / Bruckheimer fare. And it'd also no doubt leave you laughing out loud at some unexpected moments in dialogue.

If you enjoyed The National Treasure movies, then you will certainly enjoy The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

I've to give Special Thanks to Cindy Canavan (Manager of the University's IITS Cinemas team). As well as to the Disney Reps whom I'd had the pleasure of meeting.