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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Deadly Departed)

Deadly Departed

Vicki : "Yeah, it's just you forgot the cheesy job, bad eye sight and demon tattoos."
Henry : "Well, that's how I see you."
Vicki : "Great. Vicki Nelson, warrior princess."

Vicki : " And you failed to tell me this... why? [re: pentagram carved into suspects chest]
Mike : " Because I'm not going to give you anymore excuses
to go hunting after the
boogey man, that's why."

Vicki : " She's hiding something and so are you."
Henry : " Sinead and I were involved before I realized how immersed
she was in the dark
Vicki : " I give you one thing, you have the best breakup stories of anyone I know."
Henry : " Thank you."

Sinead: " So I used a little magic on you. I never complained when you drank my blood."
Henry : " It's impolite to refuse a drink when offered.
I never asked you to use magic on
Sinead : " I did it for us."
Henry : " To keep me tied to you."
Sinead : " You used to enjoy being tied..."

Vicki : " You could loose your job for this."
Mike : " Well, I guess I'll just have to open a private investigation agency, won't I?"

Vicki : " ... And the pentagram is a binding symbol, right?'
Henry [pointing to photograph] : "And that's Gaelic for mother."
Vicki : " Sonofabitch... and I mean that literally."

Brady O'Connor : " She made him kill himself. Said she could bring him back."
Henry : " That's insane."
Brady : "Sanity is not this family's strong suit."

Vicki : " Oh for God sakes.
Would the two of you pretend to play nice just for a minute?...
It's been a long night. saving lives is exhausting."
Mike : "Saving lives, there's a first for you, huh vampire?"
Henry : "Like you'd know. Your job doesn't even start until it's too late for the victim."

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