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Monday, April 19, 2010

Review of author Jacqueline Lepore's "Descent into Dust"

"And though it is many decades later, it all comes back to me; back even to those early days, when the terror was new and I was dangerously untrained.  When I was young and did not yet know I had a secret..."


I have recently completed my second reading of author Jacqueline Lepore's debut Descent into Dust.
Yes, you are not mistaken, you did indeed read those words correctly. My second reading.
That is how captivating a page turner of novel this is.

Set amidst the Victorian era, the novel debuts by introducing us to the heroine Emma Andrews, a young widow on her way to her cousin's home in the countryside of Wiltshire.

It all begins innocently enough with glimpses into the life and surroundings, the somewhat fractured relationship between Emma and her sister Alyssa and the bond between Emma and little cousin Henrietta.

But nevertheless, within the first few chapters, as the story progresses, Lepore manages to weave in a sense foreboding that is almost palpable, and this is maintained through the story.

As I read, I felt myself being drawn into the mystery with a multitude of questions: Who is Marius? Is he real? What does he have to do with Henrietta and the Hawthorn tree? What is Valerian Fox's secret? What was the real story behind Emma's mother's "condition"? Who can Emma trust?

Lepore's use of the first person perspective, through the eyes of Emma, proved very effective in building the moments of genuine, hair raising suspense and terror, which all played out initially, on a psychological level, then manifested itself on a level all too real for the characters in the novel... and I have to admit, at some point too (psychologically) on/for this humble reader, given that some aspects manifested in my dreams thereafter.

Descent into Dust is a novel rich with intrigue, full of flowing textured language and good old fashioned Gothic horror. It taps at the window of your psyche before it grips you by the throat.

It mesmerizes into wanting to read on to the end and then some more (fortunately there will be more in The Cyprian Queen... unfortunately we have to wait until March 2011).
Don't be surprised, if like me, you read it twice.

I'm highly recommending you give this book a read!

For more on Jacqueline, you can be sure to visit her website and you can also find her on Twitter

You can also read some interviews with Jacqueline at: VampChix, Fang-tastic Books and Suburban Vampire.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Vampire themed Video: Can't Sleep

Here's a bit of vampire themed vid for Friday.

Anders Häger Jönson, representative of the Stockholm based production company La Vida Locash brought their recently produced music video to my attention. It features dance music artist Adrian Lux "having an encounter with female vampires in a Swedish winter landscape."

I'm liking the cinematographic visuals. It's beautiful with the black & blue theme against the snowy white!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tanya Huff's vampire Henry Fitzroy may get re-newed (undead) life?

The news was broken earlier today by The Hollywood Reporter (well the THR news was actually broken to the rest of us first, by an alert Kyle Schmid fan, MaggieMay, on/via Kyle Schmid Central on Kyle's Korner), that Canadian author Tanya Huff's Smoke Books  may become the basis for the potential development of a new vampire series for the small screen, to be done by Fremantle Corp and Kaleidoscope Entertainment (the same company that gave us our beloved Blood Ties.) - In fact, the news was so fast breaking that even the author herself was surprised, as she tweeted here and here.

There was also this bit of news on the same topic, to which Mrs. Huff corrected  in her 2nd tweet above as per the correct location (i.e. not LA, but Vancouver).

Nevertheless, this news, as it broke today was met with tons of virtual applause by fans at the possibility - ( well once all goes well and they get the financing for this project ) - that the beloved and debonair vampire Henry Fitzroy may get to rise from his death like sleep, and once again grace our screens.

Of course added to this, is the further hope that if indeed this project comes to pass, that the man himself, Kyle Schmid, who IS the embodiment of said vampire, would indeed get to / choose to reprise his role as the vampire Henry Fitzroy. 

I mean afterall, for anyone who is a fan of Blood Ties you all KNOW that Kyle Schmid MAKES Henry Fitzroy who and what he is: "I am not to be taken lightly. Do not forget who and what I am." - Henry Fitzroy, Blood Ties

In the end (or maybe, in this case, hopefully, fingers & fangs crossed  - the beginning, again?) when all is said and done, regardless of anything else, such as any changes/differences that the Smoke and Mirrors (as the series would be called if green lit) may take on, the virtual voices are unanimous in who should be vampire Henry Fitzroy ( and as the expression goes Fifty Million Frenchmen can't be wrong, n'est pas!?)

So as much as my writers' mind wanders off and wonders on speculations of what has yet to come to pass, it is with Patience and Prayers that we fans will wait, as I tweeted back to Mrs. Huff, "with fingers crossed and bated breath".

But still... here's looking at you, Henry ;o)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend: Fresh new Blood Ties Vid : Henry Fitzroy's Torture.


Happy Easter weekend to Everyone.

And in a bit of a commemoration (so to speak) of the crucifixion/resurrection, we have a fresh, new Blood Ties vid debuting from Tanya on Kyle Schmid Central 

It's Henry's Torture on the Cross












Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review: The Vampire Diaries epi. 16 "There goes the Neighbourhood"

*Warning, may contain spoilers if you've not seen the episode as yet*

Oh my freaking God! Can you say more surprises than a b'day party? The Vampire Diaries aims to, and pleases, yet again.

Okay, so generally I don't do an epi. by epi review of TVD (as we so fondly refer to it on Twitter), but tonight's epi. was one of those that had me audibly gasping.

From Damon's "OUCH" (my reaction btw) moment in the beginning. To Jeremy's "Ooooh... Naughty Jeremy" (also my reaction) moment close to the end... and then his subsequent request of Anna at the very end that left me thinking: "Wait, it's April 1st, he must be joking right?"

Tonights epi. of TVD thickened the plot in my opinion, in 3 particular areas:

a) As concerning the vamps who have now wandered out of the tomb.... and dare we say Damon has met his match? 
"I have 400 years on you, little boy. I'll rip you from limb to limb, in the blink of an eye and you know it." -  tremble in awe at the power of Pearl, as she digs into Damon's eyes (There was my audible WTF "OUCH" moment).

b) The evolution of Matt and Caroline's relationship (poor Caro, I soo feel for her, and Candice Accola is so deserving of kudos for the beautiful display of vulnerability she is able to portray that allows the viewer to connect with her on that level).

c) And the (surprising to say the least) twist that now presents itself in the Jeremy / Anna dynamic. If or as you all may recall, Jeremy regained his memory (from Damon's suggestive "I'll make him forget" thrall) in an epi. sometime last Fall. 

Now Jeremy is intrigued (and a tease to boot) by poor confused Anna  - (here be another young actress, Malese Jow, who in my opinion, emoted effortlessly the angst of being a teen... and a vampire no less. After he (Jeremy) "accidentally" cuts into his palm, he attempts to tempt her with his blood. (There was my "Ooooh... naughty Jeremy" moment). 

It's only been the second half of the 1st season and already TVD has thrown more plot twists and curve balls at us viewers than ... Acrobats at a Circus? a Baseball game? a Winding road? Choose your appropriate metaphor a/o simile a/o hyperbole, whatever, - but fasten your seat belts, it's (probably) going to be a bumpy (set of) night(s) ahead of us in the weeks to come... and I for one look forward to it! ;o)