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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Gifted)


Henry : "I could sign that for you, if you like? [referring to comic]
Vicki : "Are you stalking me?"
Henry : "It's Wednesday."
Vicki : "And that's what, stalking day?"
Clerk : "It's the day the new comics come in..."
Henry [to Vicki] : "Is that what it's like being in a relationship with you? Coffee and interrogation in the morning?"

Vicki : "I'm not ghost busters!"
Coreen : "Hey, they had a lot of clients. And now, so would we."

Vicki : "Really, you never strike me as the long term commitment type."
Henry : "I'm the definition of long term... not necessarily one woman of course."

Vicki : "You smell anything else? Can you sniff out whoever it was that did this?
Henry : "I'm a vampire, not a blood hound!"

Henry [to Vicki] : "Everybody has their father issues. Hell mine took me 300 yrs to get over."

Vicki [pleadingly] : "Mike, it's not what you think..."
Mike [angrily] : "What this... you know THIS... what is he, Casper the friendly vampire?"

(No Infringement Intended!)

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