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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twilight's vamp Victoria no more?

No please tell me this can't be.

This just in, Twilight's bad girl vamp Victoria (as portrayed by Canadian/Montréaler) Rachelle Lefevre) is to be replaced , by Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Ron) in the 3rd installment of the franchise: Eclipse.

It is claimed to be due to scheduling conflicts on the part of Lefevre.

I don't know about others, but I think this sucks, and not in a good way!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Breakers Trailer

Here is the latest trailer for the upcoming (January, 8th 2010 release date) vampire flick Day Breakers starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bite Bits: Various and Sundry

Justin Timberlake admits that Twilight's Rob Pattinson is hotter than he, do you agree?

Over at Eternal Vigilance, there're updates on the Blood and Gold vampire ball from the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club.

Submit a short fan made trailer for a new vampire epic, The Strain, by director Guillermo del Toro and it may win to premiere in a Canadian theaters in August.

Casting news for Let the Right one in, the American remake of the Swedish film.

Read the commentary - Vampires: All dried up.

The has a 5 part series concerning the current popularity of vampire fiction.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(Part 1) I like Vampires...

but I wouldn’t want to be one!
So, as we may ALL be aware by now, Vampires are the rage these days – well, at least for those new to the genre – since its reawakening with (yes, I’m about to say it) Twilight.

But for those of us who aren't newbies. Who knew about vampires ever since reading the writings of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (age 9), Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles (age 13) and seeing Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (age 17) for 8 seasons on TV - (and devouring more or less every other, even remotely vampire related material there was: Vampirella comics, Dark Shadows TV re-runs, and movies such as Once Bitten with Jim Carrey, Vampire’s Kiss with Nicolas Cage and I certainly cannot forget The Lost Boys) - Vampires are nothing new.
In fact, one good thing that the popularity of Twilight brought (back) to the genre, was rousing vamps out of the coffin and bringing them to the mainstream again, more “general public” approachable, if you will.
Hence, now, we not only have the Twilight four volume franchise being brought to film over the next few years, but there’s also: True Blood (based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series) currently going for the jugular on HBO; The Vampire Dairies (based on the books of L. J. Smith ) set to take a bite out of The CW network in the Fall; and even rumours of (another) Buffy, the Vampire Slayer movie, as well as a potential Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter film (based on the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton) and a Dark Shadows remake, potentially starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. Of course, we must not forget the vampire Tv shows of the recent past, which were staked before their time, namely Blood Ties (based on the Blood Books by Canadian author Tanya Huff) and Moon Light.

So why then you may wonder, since being such a fan of the genre, I would make the above statement: “I like Vampires, but I wouldn’t want to be one”?

Well firstly I should mention how this sentiment came about.

(Warning True Blood spoiler alert in 3…


So there I was watching the second episode of this season 2 of True Blood on HBO – Lafayette, who is being kept prisoner in the basement of Fangtasia by Eric et al, tries to escape and is shot by a nervous and trigger happy bar-maid (Ginger is it?). Later on that night the vamps are awake and they’re considering what to do with him. He pleads to be let go, he doesn’t want to be put back into the basement and he doesn’t want to be killed. So what does he prose to Eric and his posse? “Make me a vampire!”
I sat there and my reaction was like: “O-kayyyy!” Simply incredulous!
Because for one, I could not imagine Lafayette as a vampire, mainly as I think he is such a vital part of the show “as human” and I cannot visualize how his character would evolve as just another vampire.
And two, immediately as he made the suggestion: “Make me a vampire!”

I thought to myself, if I were in his shoes, could I see myself requesting that?

And my resounding feeling was NO!

No matter how much I like vampires, and were they indeed real, I can’t see myself wanting to be one.
And here are a few of my reasons why.
Well for starters, I can’t imagine having to live off human blood and the thought of having to bite into flesh to get at said blood (even with fangs) is not very appealing.

Furthermore, to have to give up the sun (according to traditional vampire lore and not of these Twilight times) and hence my especially favoured season, summer (albeit I love Winter as well), I don’t think so – I feel there’s more than mere coincidence that my name (of Hindu origins, though I’m not) translates to mean “golden a/o daughter of the sun”. I love being in the Sun.

But then I got to thinking again: is it that I feel this way (liking vamps, but not wanting to be one) because I’m female?

...(continues in part 2)

(Part 2) I like Vampires...

but I wouldn’t want to be one!

... (continued from part 1)

Is it that I feel this way (liking vamps, but not wanting to be one) because I’m female?

And I deduced the answer to that, (as it pertains to me anyway), is indeed a resounding YES!


‘Cause when I think: Vampire, being a heterosexual female, I think: Male, when I think male, I think: Seduction and who isn’t a sucker (no pun intended) for seduction when it comes to vamps? And as we know, it’s all about the seduction, n’est pas?

Case in point, my mind automatically goes (to name a few): to Lestat and Dracula (Gerard Butler’s version anyway in Dracula 2000) and Bill Compton (True Blood) and Angel and Spike (from Buffy) and Henry ( as portrayed by Kyle Schmid in Blood Ties) and David (The Lost Boys) and D (Vampire Hunter D) and yes, even to the fangless Edward Cullen (but only to an extent).

Bear in mind dear reader, that several of these examples are the quote/unquote “romanticized” version of the traditional vampires of yore.

But nonetheless, there is something to be said for the power exuded by these seductively fascinating creatures.

Vampires are the ultimate predator.

And considering that most vampires are usually depicted as having been human before their transformation, and some (though not all) ultimately retain their souls (Blood Ties, vampire Henry Fitzroy is an example of such) – then the danger associated with them adds to the seductive quality. It translates basically to the fact that, if he so chooses, a vampire could as easily kill you, as much as just take some of your blood.

Unlike other creatures, who most times, would undergo some intense physical transformation – for example, the man turning into beast, that the quintessential Werewolf (often times depicted as the arch enemy of the vampire) – most vampires’ physical transformations are usually more subtle (the vampires of Buffy and The Lost Boys are among the few exceptions).

Glowing eyes, fangs, pale (sometimes cold) skin - despite these differences, at any given time, a vampire could continue to pass unnoticed among humans, and there in lies an added danger, which again, adds to the seduction.

To quote film critic Maitland McDonagh (on a recent Space: the Imagination Station special – Pretty Bloody: The women of Horror, © 2009): “Vampires have always been the mainstay of women in horror… explicitly tied with ideas of seduction and of giving into impulses that are perhaps socially unacceptable… Vampires are very sexualized. …not the brutal sexuality of say Werewolves, who are the embodiment of the beast within…. Vampires are seducers....”

Furthermore, there is no escaping the implied (or explicit) sexual connotations associated with most vampires, especially those of the fanged variety (here Edward Cullen and the other Twilight vamps do not apply).

Vampires’ fangs: the long, pointed, sharp teeth of its mouth (usually incisor, some times canines, other times both), are meant to penetrate. To penetrate the (preferably human) flesh from which it must get blood to the sustain itself. And the parts of the body usually preferred by vamps, where the veins run deep and strong, are also some of the parts of the body where one would find (some of the most sensitive) erogenous zones: the neck, wrist, inner thigh and to a lesser extent breasts.

Thus when it comes to the vampire and the act of taking blood (fangs penetrating the barrier of the flesh), there can be no denying the parallels to the physical act of sex.

And this is especially brought to more evidence, if the vampire takes blood whilst engaging in said act. (There are however some exceptions, i.e. vamps which are physically sexually impotent. For example: Anne Rice’s vampires have no use of their sexual organs after being turned. Nevertheless, the fang penetration connotation still applies.)

Then there is the being desired.

There is definitely something to be said for being the object of want and desire to a vampire. True is may be for the blood that lies beneath (the body). But to know that in essence the vampire literally can’t live without “You”. Well!

As a warm and red blooded woman, I find that thought rather appealing, in spite of the apparent danger. And again the sense of danger adds fuel to the seductive fire that is the modern image of the vampire.

To conclude, as much as I wouldn’t want to be a vampire, the thought of being on the receiving end of a vampire’s attention can have its appeal.

Of course, the idea behind this sentiment is in the context of the romanticized fantasy perpetuated by many (mostly female) authors of the genre. And is reiterated in most of the vampire based films and Tv shows we see today.

In fact, even yours truly has penned a poem or two with emphasis on the sensual/seductive/dangerous/erotic appeal of the vampire. As in My Life, My Love, My Blood , (recently featured on Roxanne Rhoads’ Fang-tastic books blog).

But what say you dear reader: What is it about the vampire (or the genre that appeals to you)? And in the context of the statement, would you like being the vampire or its vassal?

I invite you to leave your comments below.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A fave scene from Blood Ties

Here is one of my all time fave scenes from Blood Ties. Enjoy!

Book Review: Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang

Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang

Katie MacAlister

This continuation to MacAlister’s Zen and the Art of Vampires (see my review) proved to be not quite as engaging. Yes, I was curious to resolve the plot twist that had left me hanging at the end of Zen, but in the end, it fell just short of expectations – a bit too sweet and cliché for this readers’ liking – anticlimactic for want of a better description.

Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang, also was not as quick and as delightful a read. Lacking was Pia’s humorous tone that had had me laughing-out-loud in the previous book. And certain characters, namely Pia’s two sidekicks Ray and Magda, hedged on annoying with their constant interruptive presence – I felt they did nothing to enhance the story.

In all, I’m of the opinion that this is a necessary read to conclude Zen, only if you don’t like being left with cliff-hangers.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I invite you to leave your comments below!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bits and Bites: Twilight, Blood Ties, Free Book Friday

Recently Announced, the 3rd installment of the Twilight saga: Eclipse is set to begin shooting in Vancouver this coming August (by August 17th). With New Moon set to be released this coming Nov. 20th, I'm thinking they must be aiming at releasing Eclipse for next Summer 2010??
See the link for more details:

Don't forget it's Free Book Friday today over at fang-tastic books:

Have a look at this interesting fan listing : Night Walker, dedicated to Blood Ties :