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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Heart of Ice)

Heart of Ice

Mike: "And another case solved!"
Vicki : "Yes and a potential pay day. My landlord has called me three times this week.'
Mike : "So I take it I'm buying dinner tonight?"
Vicki : "Look at you, you just solved a mystery too."

Henry : "I've a deadline. If this book isn't in the printers
by the end of the month, my editor's going to kill me... again!
Vicki : "So much for the timeless existence as one of the children of the night.
Henry : "Welcome to the 21st century."

Henry : "I gave at the office."
Vicki : "What the "Little Prince" doesn't help the homeless?"

Vicki: "... I just think that a vampires' nose for blood
will find things in the sewer that they will miss."
Henry : "Sewer? Well you didn't say anything about a sewer!"
Vicki : "That's 'cause I was saving the best for last."

Vicki : "This isn't Henry, he doesn't do this."
Mike : " Oh really, fang boy doesn't eat?"

Vicki : "I trust him!"
Mike : "Who are you and what have you done with Vicky Nelson!?"

Vicki : "Look, Henry is not a killer."
Mike : "No? And how do you know so much about his drinking habits?"

Vicki : " Two nights ago he was with me."
Mike : "All night?"
Vicki : "Most of it."
Mike : " Well I hope I never need you as an alibi."

Vicki :"Henry it's just a conversation, nothing to worry about."
Henry : "That's what my father said to Anne Boleyn, right before he took her head."

Henry : "How do we do this? You hit me with phone books 'til I confess?"
Mike : "Yeah, if you like?"

Mike : "Ever met her?"
Henry : "She's not exactly my type."
Mike : "Oh, and what exactly is your type Henry? O' negative?"

Mike : "Any other vampires in town I should know about?"
Henry : " We don't all belong to the same book club."

Vicki : "You look better. Did you have a nice dinner?"
Henry : "The body's in the other room if you'd like to take a look?"
Vicki : " Yeah, I'd take your word for it. Listen Henry we've got to go back."
Henry : "Into the sewer?"

Henry : " You know how I survived 500 years?"
Vicki : " Mega doses of vitamin C and complete danger avoidance?"
Henry : "Picking my battles... There's no winning an argument with you is there?"
Vicki : " Don't even bother."

Henry : "But, you have to understand.
I have killed people and I will again.
It's who and what I am. I was raised to be a king.
I learned the art of war when children today are learning to colour."
Vicki : "I thought I had a dysfunctional childhood."

Henry: "I'm not human Vicki, and every once in a while, someone's going to die."

Coreen : "She's already left."
Mike : " Did she go to the ravine? Is Henry with her?"
Coreen : "Yeah, vampires... don't leave home without 'em."
Mike : "So you know what he is and you're okay with that?"
Coreen : "He's amazing..."
Mike : "He hasn't uh... sucked your blood too has he?"
Coreen (lamenting) : "I wish!"
Mike : "You guys are all insane."

Mike : "What? bullets?"
Coreen : " Silver bullets."
Mike : " Do I look like the Lone Ranger to you?"

Vicki : " You'll be able to smell him right?"
Henry : "Maybe."
Vicki : "Think 'reassuring tone' ."
Henry : "This is your plan."
Vicki : " You're the one who was learning
military strategy in his diapers, you must have some ideas."
Henry : "I'm not the one who needs to be worried Vicki,
it's not my blood it'll be able to smell."
Vicki (sarcastically) : " Good work on the 'reassuring tone'."

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