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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Please allow me to INTRODUCE...

Hello Ladies :

Introducing the ONE, the ONLY, the DELICIOUS and DELECTABLE (you may know him as the vampire Henry on TV's " Blood Ties " )... Drum roll Please...



See more on Kyle, his character the vampire Henry Fitzroy and the tv show Blood Ties @: or

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Heart of Ice)

Heart of Ice

Mike: "And another case solved!"
Vicki : "Yes and a potential pay day. My landlord has called me three times this week.'
Mike : "So I take it I'm buying dinner tonight?"
Vicki : "Look at you, you just solved a mystery too."

Henry : "I've a deadline. If this book isn't in the printers
by the end of the month, my editor's going to kill me... again!
Vicki : "So much for the timeless existence as one of the children of the night.
Henry : "Welcome to the 21st century."

Henry : "I gave at the office."
Vicki : "What the "Little Prince" doesn't help the homeless?"

Vicki: "... I just think that a vampires' nose for blood
will find things in the sewer that they will miss."
Henry : "Sewer? Well you didn't say anything about a sewer!"
Vicki : "That's 'cause I was saving the best for last."

Vicki : "This isn't Henry, he doesn't do this."
Mike : " Oh really, fang boy doesn't eat?"

Vicki : "I trust him!"
Mike : "Who are you and what have you done with Vicky Nelson!?"

Vicki : "Look, Henry is not a killer."
Mike : "No? And how do you know so much about his drinking habits?"

Vicki : " Two nights ago he was with me."
Mike : "All night?"
Vicki : "Most of it."
Mike : " Well I hope I never need you as an alibi."

Vicki :"Henry it's just a conversation, nothing to worry about."
Henry : "That's what my father said to Anne Boleyn, right before he took her head."

Henry : "How do we do this? You hit me with phone books 'til I confess?"
Mike : "Yeah, if you like?"

Mike : "Ever met her?"
Henry : "She's not exactly my type."
Mike : "Oh, and what exactly is your type Henry? O' negative?"

Mike : "Any other vampires in town I should know about?"
Henry : " We don't all belong to the same book club."

Vicki : "You look better. Did you have a nice dinner?"
Henry : "The body's in the other room if you'd like to take a look?"
Vicki : " Yeah, I'd take your word for it. Listen Henry we've got to go back."
Henry : "Into the sewer?"

Henry : " You know how I survived 500 years?"
Vicki : " Mega doses of vitamin C and complete danger avoidance?"
Henry : "Picking my battles... There's no winning an argument with you is there?"
Vicki : " Don't even bother."

Henry : "But, you have to understand.
I have killed people and I will again.
It's who and what I am. I was raised to be a king.
I learned the art of war when children today are learning to colour."
Vicki : "I thought I had a dysfunctional childhood."

Henry: "I'm not human Vicki, and every once in a while, someone's going to die."

Coreen : "She's already left."
Mike : " Did she go to the ravine? Is Henry with her?"
Coreen : "Yeah, vampires... don't leave home without 'em."
Mike : "So you know what he is and you're okay with that?"
Coreen : "He's amazing..."
Mike : "He hasn't uh... sucked your blood too has he?"
Coreen (lamenting) : "I wish!"
Mike : "You guys are all insane."

Mike : "What? bullets?"
Coreen : " Silver bullets."
Mike : " Do I look like the Lone Ranger to you?"

Vicki : " You'll be able to smell him right?"
Henry : "Maybe."
Vicki : "Think 'reassuring tone' ."
Henry : "This is your plan."
Vicki : " You're the one who was learning
military strategy in his diapers, you must have some ideas."
Henry : "I'm not the one who needs to be worried Vicki,
it's not my blood it'll be able to smell."
Vicki (sarcastically) : " Good work on the 'reassuring tone'."

(No infringement Intended!)

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Love Hurts)

Love Hurts

Vicki : "Where have your hands been tonight?"
Henry (smiling) : " Ask me again in a couple hours."

Vicki : "Well he doesn't have an alibi.
He also doesn't have a ghost or a monster or a zombie...
Henry : " Your eyes say that plain old murder's boring.
They say that supernatural, other-worldly, freaky, turns you on."
Vicki : "It always has to come back to you, doesn't it?"
Henry : "This could be your fate Vicki."

Henry : "A gardener who quotes poetry."
Vicki : "You sound almost jealous. How endearing."
Henry : "Jealousy's a useless emotion."
Vicki (playfully mocking Henry) : " After four hundred and fifty years,
I don't waste my time on futile feelings."
Henry : "Don't knock experience."

Vicki : "I'll go over tomorrow sniff around some more."
Henry : "Anywhere in particular?"
Vicki : "You're kinda twisted. Has anyone ever told you that?"
Henry : " Maybe I'll come. He sounds irresistible."

Vicki : " I'm trained to notice details.'
Henry : " So am I. Like your heart beating faster."
Vicki : " Too much caffeine."
Henry : "If you need to relax, I can quote you some poetry... Apparently it works."
Vicki : " If you wanna know what works? You could get the garbage on your way out."

Vicki : "You weren't just... over at my place...
you know, some how like in bed with me, running your hands all over my body? That kind of thing?
Henry : " That depends, were you enjoying it? ... No."
Vicki : "Are you sure?"
Henry : " I think I'd remember... Disappointed?"
Vicki : "No, no relieved."
Henry : "You don't look relieved."
Vicki : "Oh no, this is my relief face."
Henry : "Because finding me in your bed
running my hands all over your body would be... horrible."
Vicki : "Unless you were invited."
Henry : "I'm all ears."
Vicki : "... Here's the catch. You're a vampire.
I'm a half blind private investigator. These stories always end up tragic."
Henry : "We could beat the odds."
Vicki : " I'm not much of a gambler."
Henry (after a long pause, as Vicki walks away) : "We could cuddle after."

Vicki: "What about the gardener? You check him out?"
Mike: " Not as much as you did I bet."
Mike : "Come on Vick, I just don't wanna see you get hurt."
Vicki : "I'm going to try and remember
that this is coming out of your concern for me, not out of some kind of cave man complex."
Mike: "Why can't it be both?"

Vicki : "...We are going to release Henry's mojo on them."
Henry : " I don't have mojo. I have charm. Charisma, if you will."

Vicki : "I want to search the gardener's cottage."
Coreen : "I want to search the gardener."
Vicki : "He's our suspect."
Coreen : "Delicious until proven guilty."

Vicki : "So, you okay with this?"
Henry : "I've talked to women before."
Vicki : "Yeah, but not as a P.I."
Henry : "Yet I usually get what I want."
Vicki : "You're not gonna, you know, bite them are you?"

Vicki (laughing) : "You golf?"
Henry : "My father killed the Scottish king. Yes, I golf."

Henry : "Incubus do that?"
Coreen : " Yes! Vicki had a visit the other night you know. Lucky."
Henry : "The other night when you came over. The hands all over you.
The hands you hoped were mine."
Vicki: "Feared."

Henry : "That's how they resisted me.
They were under the influence of the incubus!"
Vicki : "I thought you were irresistible."
Coreen : " You resist him."
Henry : "The incubus got there first."
Vicki : "Some excuse."

Vicki : " ... Emmanuel might be an incubus."
Mike : "What is that, a special interest group?"
Vicki : "No, it's a sex demon."

Mike (referring to Henry) : "Hey, speaking of which, where is he, all right?
Attacking women in bed sounds more like his kinda thing, don't you think?"

Coreen : "I'd volunteer but the bait has to be sexually frustrated." (She looks at Vicki)
Vicki : "What? I'm not sexually frustrated."
Coreen : " And when he ended up here the other night, what? He took the wrong exit?"

Coreen : " I know this may be hard for you, but try to be in an open, receptive mood."
Vicki : " Okay, open and receptive. To a demon coming to kill me. Sure."
Henry (after kissing Vicki passionately) : "Open yet?"

Mike : "I looked it up. Fitz. Roy."
Henry (sarcastically) : "He reads."
Vicki : "Yeah, you two are going to be a BIG help."

Incubus/Emmanuel : "I can feel that within you too, Vicki. A longing.
Vicki : "I have no longing... there is no longing...
well actually I have been thinking about
getting a dog."
Incubus/Emmanuel : "You don't have to explain."
Henry & Mike (both at the same time) : " No, explain!"

Henry : "He's lying. He's a demon. It's like breathing to them."
Mike : "Yeah, unlike vampires."
Vicki (to both) : "Focus!"

Mike (making fun of Henry's height) : "Tiny little killers, huh?
That's not such a stretch now is it?"
Henry (angrily) : "Tell me detective, you sleep with your windows open?"
Vicki (to both) : " I repeat. Focus!"

Coreen : "She's one of the furies. The angry ones."
Henry (to Mike) : " Relative of yours?"
Vicki : " Stop it!"

Vicki : " Glad I'm not the one writing the report."
Mike : "Murder by jealousy demon in the 2nd degree.
It practically writes itself, doesn't it?"

(No Infringement Intended!)

Fave lines from Blood Ties (Deadly Departed)

Deadly Departed

Vicki : "Yeah, it's just you forgot the cheesy job, bad eye sight and demon tattoos."
Henry : "Well, that's how I see you."
Vicki : "Great. Vicki Nelson, warrior princess."

Vicki : " And you failed to tell me this... why? [re: pentagram carved into suspects chest]
Mike : " Because I'm not going to give you anymore excuses
to go hunting after the
boogey man, that's why."

Vicki : " She's hiding something and so are you."
Henry : " Sinead and I were involved before I realized how immersed
she was in the dark
Vicki : " I give you one thing, you have the best breakup stories of anyone I know."
Henry : " Thank you."

Sinead: " So I used a little magic on you. I never complained when you drank my blood."
Henry : " It's impolite to refuse a drink when offered.
I never asked you to use magic on
Sinead : " I did it for us."
Henry : " To keep me tied to you."
Sinead : " You used to enjoy being tied..."

Vicki : " You could loose your job for this."
Mike : " Well, I guess I'll just have to open a private investigation agency, won't I?"

Vicki : " ... And the pentagram is a binding symbol, right?'
Henry [pointing to photograph] : "And that's Gaelic for mother."
Vicki : " Sonofabitch... and I mean that literally."

Brady O'Connor : " She made him kill himself. Said she could bring him back."
Henry : " That's insane."
Brady : "Sanity is not this family's strong suit."

Vicki : " Oh for God sakes.
Would the two of you pretend to play nice just for a minute?...
It's been a long night. saving lives is exhausting."
Mike : "Saving lives, there's a first for you, huh vampire?"
Henry : "Like you'd know. Your job doesn't even start until it's too late for the victim."

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Fave lines from Blood Ties (Gifted)


Henry : "I could sign that for you, if you like? [referring to comic]
Vicki : "Are you stalking me?"
Henry : "It's Wednesday."
Vicki : "And that's what, stalking day?"
Clerk : "It's the day the new comics come in..."
Henry [to Vicki] : "Is that what it's like being in a relationship with you? Coffee and interrogation in the morning?"

Vicki : "I'm not ghost busters!"
Coreen : "Hey, they had a lot of clients. And now, so would we."

Vicki : "Really, you never strike me as the long term commitment type."
Henry : "I'm the definition of long term... not necessarily one woman of course."

Vicki : "You smell anything else? Can you sniff out whoever it was that did this?
Henry : "I'm a vampire, not a blood hound!"

Henry [to Vicki] : "Everybody has their father issues. Hell mine took me 300 yrs to get over."

Vicki [pleadingly] : "Mike, it's not what you think..."
Mike [angrily] : "What this... you know THIS... what is he, Casper the friendly vampire?"

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Fave lines from Blood Ties (Bad JuJu)

Bad JuJu

Henry : "I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away."
Vicki : "You're one of those guys just riddled with self doubt aren't you?"
Henry :"I have a fair opinion of myself and hundreds of years of positive reinforcement."

Henry : "Are you gonna keep doing this? Coming up with answers for everything I say?"
Vicki : " Only if you keep saying things."

Mike [to Vicki] : "I see you brought your cartoonist friend."
Henry : " ... what I create are graphic novels."
Mike : " Yeah, if I were a cartoonist, I'd call them that too."

Vicki : " How many times do I have to tell you... don't bite the bartender!"
Henry : "I was only playing."

Coreen : "She took my mouth away!"
Vicki : "I've got to learn that trick sometime."
Henry : "Do you have to wise crack even when you're dying?"
Vicki : "I'm not dying."

Coreen : "One of my books says to use salt on zombies."
Henry : "I don't want to season them Coreen, I'd like to kill them."

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Fave lines from Blood Ties (Blood Price prt 1 & 2)

As mentioned in my previous blog [re: "Are those your fangs in my neck..." ], there is (was) this little show that could called "Blood Ties", which, apart from great acting by and superb chemistry between its cast, it ( Blood Ties) was also very smartly written, with loads of memorable dialogue.

So, week by week as each episode is being being re-aired via Canada's "SPACE: The Imagination Station", I've taken it upon myself (with the help of closed captioning, of course) to meticulously re-write some of those witty pieces of dialogue that we fans of the show, all love(d) so much!

Mind you, the list is mainly of those pieces that I find of particular note, thus it may not be 100% in depth.


Blood Price prt 1 & 2

Vicki : "How exactly does one become a vampire?"
Henry : "Vacation in Transylvania."

Vicki :"Didn't you notice the marks on your neck?"
Henry : "My neck wasn't the only place she put her mouth."

Henry : "I wasn't the one threatening the others' dental work... my smile is
my best feature."
Vicki : "I've never met a vain serial killer before."

Vicki [to Henry] : "Well, Four Hundred and Fifty or not, you and I start hanging out together, and they're gonna say I'm robbing the cradle."

Vicki : "I wouldn't have pegged you a day over 450."
Henry : "I use great moisturizer!"

(No Infringement Intended!)

Are those your fangs in my neck...

...Or are you just happy to see me?

Blood Ties

So there is (was) this little show that could, called "Blood Ties". Some of you may have heard of or even seen it?

It is/was about this former homicide detective Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox), who, due to her failing eye sight, has to quit the force, and in turn she opens her own PI agency.
However, her world changes significantly one night, after she witnesses something supernatural and then her subsequent meeting of the almost 500 yr old [45o to be exact] vampire named Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), bastard son of King Henry the VIII.

Soon they develop not only a friendship , but also a partnership , as they work to confront the things that go bump in the night.

And with the way most good stories go, Vicki must deal, not only with her attraction towards Henry, but with her on again off again relationship with her former homicide detective partner Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal).

"Blood Ties" is (was) a smartly written, well acted TV show, that highlighted wonderful chemistry between its' actors characters with witty dialogue and great (sexual) tension.

Be sure to check it out, if/when you can!

P.S - Currently the fate of this series is in a state of limbo, as the network, under which it was originally produced, has decided to opt out of keeping the show on their schedule, even though there were (and still are) thousands of fans who are dedicated to the show and have pleaded for its' return.

The fans of "Blood Ties" are still fighting the good fight, to either have the show be picked up by another network, revived or have a movie made of it.

"If Insight hasn't dropped it, We haven't lost it".

They have spearheaded another campaign called the 1 million BT fan petition. This is to aim to unite ALL Fans into signing 1 petition to be as one voice of millions, rather than several voices of thousands.

To quote from the article preceding the petition:
"Many fans would like to see the vampire tale continue either as a series or, at least, in the form of a movie to wrap things up. How about you?"

The link is posted below, and as the saying goes: "Where there's a will, there's a way!" v-series-or-to-make-a-movie/

So please, sign the petition, ONE VOTE PER PERSON, though, and let's show them : "Yes, we can!"

Thank you!

See these sites for more on "Blood Ties" & Cast:

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And here are some Fan sites as well: