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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Succub...? Well, hello 'Lost Girl' : A Series Debut Review.

**Caution, may contain spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet!**

"You can control people by touch... And not in a creepy, hand job sorta way." - Kenzi to Bo (Lost Girl, S1 E1)

So last Sunday night (Sept. 12th), I passed on watching the season 3 finale of True Blood!


Because there is this new Canadian show I had been reading/seeing/hearing some buzz about and I wanted to tune in to its series debut episode. The show in question was/is Showcase's Lost Girl which some of you may remember I'd mentioned about three posts ago?

I felt it was a "not to be missed" debut, and besides, I knew I could see the True Blood season 3 finale in a repeat episode (which, btw, now that I've seen it, I was not very impressed with the ending of. It was basically a non-ending. But I digress...)

Well anyway, I'm very glad that I had decided to catch the series premiere / pilot episode of Lost Girl, 'cause it was pretty damn good, in my opinion (I even went to work the next day and recommended it to a few of my genre loving colleagues).

And according to the statistics on TV, eh?, over 400,000 in Canada tuned in to its premiere, and I can count myself among them.

I'm generally a genre loving fan, esp. of most things Horror-Fantasy, Sci-fi and Supernatural. I consider myself as a die-hard, albeit not overly hardcore (No tats of my fave characters. No RPGing or LARPing) and I know what I like. 
And when I like something I talk about it (off and/or on line> as I recently did about this self same show, with sisters Suzie and Shannon from Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural on their FaceBook Page.) and I'm definitely liking the potential I'm seeing in Lost Girl. (Note: Suzie and Shannon also discuss Lost Girl beginning on section 1:25:45 of their recent podcast.)

Season 1 episode 1 titled "It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World" had a nice balance of action, drama, intrigue and story introduction and development; with some nice, sassy dialogue and witty, memorable one liners (and we all know how much of a sucker I am for witty dialogue. Can you say Blood Ties anyone? :) 

"It's like the 4th of July in my mouth!" - as said by Bo after she engages in a kiss with Dyson... and Mais Oui! I tell ya, that was indeed some HOT kiss between Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid).
I was like "Wow!" First episode and already some fierce tonsil hockey!? LoL! (albeit she
was intentionally sucking some of the lifeforce out of him, as per his offering, but that just added to the "Wow!" "Hot!" factor).

I have to say here that I'm already liking the chemistry between Bo & Dyson. That scene where they both made eye contact while passing each other on the street, was intense and truly believable. And already we can see that sort of back/forth, love/hate dynamic between them (kinda like a Lois and Clark... Bo's sass and fiesty personality certainly reminds me of Erica Durance's Lois Lane on Smallville, but Dyson seems to be more than a "goody gumshoe" even for a "Light" Fae.)

And speaking (still) of Dyson (insert Soni's usual segue loving self here :) ... I couldn't not mention some cool coincidences I came upon while doing my research, regarding actor Kris Holden-Reid (who somewhat resembles another "Chris", i.e. Martin of ColdPlay) and Lost Girl in general. 

Apart from the fact that Holden-Reid had attended my alma mater University here in Montreal some time back, he also played "William Compton" on The Tudors. Of course "William Compton" is also the proper name of vampire Bill Compton on HBO's True Blood. Furthermore, The Tudors, revolves around the life of King Henry VIII. King Henry VIII was the father of Henry Fitzroy (can you see where I'm going? :) Of course, the historical persona of Henry Fitzroy was used by Canadian author Tanya Huff as a vampire in her Blood Books, which were used as the basis for the tv series Blood Ties, which was created by none other than Peter Mohan who is also one of the executive producers of Lost Girl... And/End segue scene :)

Ultimately, from what I can see, the premiere episode of Lost Girl has setup, what could no doubt be an intriguing storyline over the course of the season. As a viewer, my mind is already wondering with loads of questions, esp. as with regards to 'Bo', a succubus living among humans (although initially, she didn't know what she was ). 

Where did she come from? Who is she really? How is it that Fae live among humans? What other kinds of fae are there? How extremely do the "Light" Fae differ from the "Dark"? And why must Bo choose a side? What is Trick (as played by Rick Howland)'s secret and why is he having fellow fae Dyson observe her? And of course, how far will Bo go to find out "where or from whom she came"?

I'm also liking the warm tones and deep hues in some of the scenes (my photographers' eye generally "lights" upon things like that.)

So now, as I have been pleasantly "sucked in" and "seduced" by the potential in the first episode. Here's hoping it will continue to improve. I will certainly be tuning in again tomorrow and every Sunday at 9pm on Showcase to find, Lost Girl!


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