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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ready to take a bite, back into Fall: True Blood, Lost Girl, Three Inches/ Kyle Schmid, Vampire Diaries, etc

Well dear readers, I'm officially back from my Vampire(less) Vacation ready to bite (back) into a fang-tastic Fall. 
To the extent that I have added a new profile picture of yours truly all "vamped" out (well somewhat), sporting my Blood Ties vampire Henry Fitzroy tee from Cafe Press, reading Gabrielle Faust's Eternal Vigilance Book 1, while wearing my Lost Boys handmade bottlecap necklace by Holly Sparks . There was also my True Blood mug which I had forgotten to include in the pic at the time of taking, but nonetheless, I photoshoped it in, LoL! ;)

So, although my vacances (as they say en français) was supposed to be vampireless, it wasn't, at least not entirely. 

I still made sure to tune into True Blood - can you say helluva good season or what? Give or take a few unnecessary story lines, like that of Lafayette. I mean I like him as a character and all, but seriously, where is his and Jesus' storyline going to? 
Regardless though, I still think Alan Ball is a genuis in the way he has carved out his niche, making True Blood an original, stand alone show, to that of the books on which it is based.  

My only hope though, is that for season 4, with whatever changes he continues to make, that Alan Ball at least sticks to the Eric/Sookie saga that makes up book 4 Dead to the World
Mr. Ball I beg of you :)

Still on True Blood, of course by now, everyone and their vampire (or Alexander Skarsgard ;) loving mother, have probably already seen the (now infamous?) Rolling Stone cover of Alex/Eric, Anna/Sookie and Stephen/Bill. 

Well although I was in a part of the world where I couldn't readily put my hands on the mag, thank goodness for good friends. My best friend (who is probably reading this post and smiling :) was able to secure me a copy for my collection. I'm hoping/assuming that she may have secured one for herself as well as I know she, like me, is an everloving Eric/Alex fan ;o)

And with True Blood's season 3 finale set for next Sunday 12th of September, that Rolling Stone mag may be all that we have to tide us over 'til season 4 debuts next Spring/Summer 2011 (most likley, as per usual in June).

But whereas I remembered to tune into one vampire tv show, I forgot to tune in another vampire... (werewolf, witch, succubus) show, ABC's The Gates . But from what I've been reading, it's probably on its way to being cancelled, if it hasn't been already (though there has been no "official" word as yet).

I tried. I really did try to give this show a chance, but it was just so... bloodless and lackluster (worse than a hungry, pasty skinned vampire). 

And speaking of succubus, set to debut next Sunday, September 12th is a new show on Canada's ShowCase channel called Lost Girl. From the promo trailer <(seen here and included at the bottom of this post), this show looks hot/cool. With lots of action and an intriging storyline, I will definitely be tuning in. And what's more, Peter Mohan who brought us Blood Ties is an executive producer on Lost Girl (along with Prodigy Pictures' Jay Firestone).

And speaking of Blood Ties (yes, I do love a good segue :o). 
More vampire type news broke while I was away on vacay. This one involving a vampire three way (sort of). 

Our, as in my and fans of his, favourite (former vampire) actor Kyle Schmid (he played vampire Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties) announced about 2 weeks ago, via his FaceBook page that he was set to star in a new pilot on the SyFy channel called Three Inches , cast as Brandon (aka: Captain Normal). And get this, Kyle will be alongside another favourite (former vampire) James Marsters (Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.)

Yes my dear fang fans, vampire Henry Fitzroy (or "Captain Fantastic" as he was once called  by his Blood Ties co-star Christina Cox) and vampire Spike (aka: "William the Bloody", aka: "Captain Peroxide") will both be gracing our screens in one show, albeit not as vampires this time, but as "semi" or "not so super" heroes. 

As a fan of both of these actors, needless to say, I'm looking forward to seeing this show. 

And to complete the vampire three way (sort of). James Marsters will be a guest star on the premiere episode of the re-imagined Hawaii Five-0, which is headed by, you guessed it, another former vampire, this being MoonLight's Mick St. John himself, Alex O'Loughlin. Hawaii Five-0 is set to debut on September 20th, 2010.

So here, three cheers to having three of y/our favourite former vampires on the small screen again.

Of course this Fall, another of our current favourite vampire shows is set to return as well. Come this week, Thursday, September 9th, The Vampires Diaries will be back for its second season on the CW (US) and CTV (Canada) - note TVD airs at 8pm eastern in the USA, but 7pm eastern in Canada. Yes we lucky Canucks get to see it one hour beforehand (is it because the lead Nina Dobrev who plays Elena is Canadian?)

As well Supernatural - (we know they always have a vampire or two in there somewhere, so they more than deserve a mention) - it returns on Friday, September 24th, at 9pm (lead in by Smallville at 8pm). 
Yes, unfortunately the bothers Winchester have been bumped from Thursday nights by a new show, Nikita, set to debut on the CW.

More news on the vamp-tastic front. Canada's Space Channel (where on we get our daily dose of all/most things Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror) have begun airing the BBC's Being Human series. They aired the first season in its entirety one week towards the end of August. And subsequently will be re-airing these season 1 episodes beginning Thursday September 16th at 10pm. They plan to air season 2 of Being Human, on Thursday October 28th, 10pm eastern.

And speaking of Being Human. The aforementioned SyFy Channel is doing their own, North Americanized version of the UK cult hit. And guess what? Said version is being shot right here in Montréal

Back at the beginning of August and on different occasions, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon two of the filming locations, albeit I did not know for what series at the time. However, upon research, I had soon discovered that it was indeed for this SyFy remake. (Here's a listing of films which have been shot in/around Montréal )

This re-imagined series will star a few familiar faces. Notably Sam Witwer (who played Davis Bloome / Doomsday on Smallville), Mark Pellegrino (last seen on Supernatural and on Lost respectively) and Meaghan Rath, a Montreal actress, whom I recall fondly from the series 15/Love with Laurence Leboeuf who currently stars in the local Quebecois series Trauma, the set of which, again I stumbled upon just this past Friday while in the Old Port area.

In vampire music related news now. If you're in Montréal this coming Wednesday, 8th of September you can catch New York indie rock band Vampire Weekend performing at Métropolis.  

And last but not least, I recently answered a few interview questions about Blogging via WhoHub. My responses can be read> here.  

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