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Monday, September 20, 2010

Release Announcement: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's novels available through E-Reads.

Author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, whom some of you may remember we had the pleasure of hosting last December '09 with a guest post while on blog tour for Burning Shadows, has had two of her novels released in both electronic format and print-on-demand trade paperback editions by E-Reads.

The novels are THE PALACE,  the second novel in Yarbro's historical horror series featuring the vampire Count Saint-Germain, and TO THE HIGH REDOUBT, an epic fantasy novel. 

According to the press release, THE PALACE, (originally released in 1978) set in "Renaissance Florence, provides the background for the story of the collapse of the artistic and literary life of the city after the death of Saint-Germain’s friend Lorenzo the Magnificent, followed by the rise of the fanatical Savonarola."

Likewise, E-Reads will release Yarbro's HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA --- which introduced readers to Saint-Germain in 1978 --- later this year.

In the coming week/s Vampirephile will yet again have the pleasure of hosting Chelsea with another guest blog post and a possible interview. 


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