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Friday, September 10, 2010

"Kat Scratch Fever" Review: Vampire Diaries Season 2 debut: The Return

     **Caution, may contain spoilers if you’ve not seen the episodes yet!**

"What Happened?" / "Katherine Happened!".

Well last night we saw the highly anticipated debut of The Vampire Diaries Season 2, aptly titled The Return and OMD! (Oh My Damon!) what a RETURN it was!

Picking up exactly where season 1 had left off, with Elena returning home to the ominous threat of the fierce, Katherine Pierce having been, "invited in" her home, with the only option, as Damon quite wittingly pointed out, being: "Move!"

This Return episode was, in my opinion, chocked full of:
Shock - with what Damon did to Jeremy           and       
Awe - the glimpse of Stefan's potential "badassness"      and
Touching Honesty - Elena's heartfelt revelation to and observation of Damon : "I care for you!" (her revelation) / "You care" (her observation).

And not to (forget to) mention heart break - when Katerine, all but drove a stake through Damon with her revelation that "it has always been Stefan"... and it didn't help that Elena, her "dead ringer", practically told him the same thing in a later scene.
It's like I said in the past, in one of my previous posts > Sympathy for The D-Man: Damon Salvatore, it's no wonder Damon has trust issues.

Ultimately, The Return episode saw Katherine leaving her scratches on just about everyone, most notably Damon, which in turn drove the episode onward at a fever pace.

And as usual with TVD, just when you thought it couldn't get any better... the end is only the beginning, as the final scene proved... Oh, sweet Caroline-a!

Here's a preview of next weeks episode!

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