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Monday, January 4, 2010

Update: Blood Ties still has devoted fan base!

It was just about 7 days ago when  The Memphis Examiner vote poll   was discovered, but, to the chagrin of many Blood Ties fans, there was no nomination of Kyle Schmid, who played the devilishly, delectable vampire Henry Fitzroy on said show.

That was soon rectified however. Kyle was nominated only two days before the polls closed and to the surprise of many, including the article writer herself, RaeLynn Coombs, the sexiest man in the vampire realm, fave du jour vampire, was crowned.

Kyle Schmid won the poll, over of all people, Robert Pattinson!

Well, won't you know it, the Memphis Vampire Examiner soon found her heart at "stake" (for want of a better word), as she too soon succumbed to the appeal of the show and the irresistible vampire, Henry Fitzroy!

Read more here!

 Henry and Vicki do it again! (Image courtesy KyleSchmidCentral)

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Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah! So glad Henry won!