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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Author Nicole Hadaway guest post w/ Contest: "Why I Love Henry Fitzroy".

Today VampirePhile welcomes and has the pleasure of hosting author Nicole Hadaway as guest, along with a contest (from Nicole).

Nicole is the author of Release, which recently got four fangs via Fang-tastic Books blog review. And today, Nicole's post relates to one of the subjects which (to quote Nicole) was: " one of the the catalysts that spurred me on to write my own vampire novel."

Of course, Nicole was referring to one of her/my/our favourite vampire Tv shows: Blood Ties, which is still missed to this day by many (if not all) fans of the series.

So it is in that vein, (pardon the obvious pun), in which she writes today, one of the quintessential fave vampires of our time - as perfectly embodied by
Kyle Schmid - none other, than, Henry Fitzroy.

Why I Love Henry Fitzroy

by Nicole Hadaway

I lived in Europe for a year and therefore missed out on an entire season of American television. (This wasn’t always a bad thing ;-), but I did miss out on Moonlight. However, our cable system was wise enough to show Blood Ties, and that was when I fell in love.

I didn’t really read paranormal mysteries, preferring instead the more human kind, like Agatha Christie, P.D. James and Ruth Rendell. Yet I always enjoyed watching vampires on TV or in the movies – Fright Night, The Lost Boys, Angel and Buffy are among my faves, and my two all-time favorite television shows, Charmed and Xena:Warrior Princess certainly don’t skimp on the paranormal fantasy!

Now look, I’m a little old here – I actually saw The Lost Boys in the movie theater when it played back in 1987! I also saw Fright Night the year before, and the vampire in that movie was everything I thought a vampire should be: smooth, suave, handsome, cultured, well-mannered and confident.

Very much like Henry Fitzroy. I was so happy to see Henry as a well-mannered, cultured vampire who had a conscience but didn’t overdo it – he still played with his food, and made no apologies about preferring female humans (like -- where can I sign up to be on his dinner guest list? ;-). He didn’t abuse his feeding, though, and he was a great mix of a nice bad-boy.

Plus, Kyle Schmid did an amazing, just awesomely wonderful job as Henry. He is a really great actor and should really be in more movies. 

I know Soni is a member of Kyle Schmid Central so I can confess here that I rented and watched Joy Ride 2 and The Thaw just to see Kyle!
In recent years I’ve been a fan of historical fiction, so I really liked the idea that Henry was tied to the actual illegitimate son of Henry VIII, who supposedly died of tuberculosis. Very, very clever of Tanya Huff to have taken the tuberculosis symptoms (paleness, tiredness, shortness of breath and death) and put a vampiric spin on them!

After Blood Ties was mercilessly canceled, I had to get my Henry fix by reading the books (though admittedly I only read two of the Blood Series but all three of the Smoke Series which are really good and I highly recommend them). The books gave more details about Henry’s history, which got me thinking about my own vampire, Miranda.

Miranda had been in my mind for nearly 20 years at that point, but I never could come up with an original story for her. Not until I started thinking about her own history, and where she was during important historical events such as World War II. The more I thought about her during that time period, well, that was how Release was born.

So that’s why I love Henry: because he’s a great incarnation of the cultured, civilized vampire who’s got a bit of a bad-boy edge. Thinking about his own history was one of the catalysts that spurred me on to write my own vampire story, and I hope he would approve of Miranda as much as she admires him ;-)

* * *

About the Author:

Nicole Hadaway used to work as a lawyer, but now she only writes about such things as bloodsuckers and deals with the devil (sorry! she couldn't resist a lawyer joke there!). After having lived in such varied places as Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Louisiana and even Monaco, she now makes her home in Texas.  Her first novel, Release, was published in September 2009 and features vampires in a World War II setting. She’s currently working on the sequel, Return, which takes place during September 2001.  If you'd like to read more about her, you can go to her blog here:

!!!Contest Time!!!

Nicole has offered to give a free e-copy of her book Release (sorry, it's not out in paper-back as yet) to one lucky person who names what they like most about Henry. Contest is open until Monday, January 25th, 10am eastern. So leave your comment replies below to enter!

Names will be drawn at random and Winner announced later in the week, so be sure to check back to see if you've won or you can be sure to provide an email address to which Nicole can contact you to send the e-copy of Release.

And here's an added special treat, by request from Nicole, and which may help in reminding you all what is liked most about Henry. It's a fan made Blood Ties vid set to Kelly Clarkson's Beautiful Disaster.  Enjoy!


Soni (VampirePhile) said...

I'd like to give a big Thank You to Nicole for guest posting today...and on one of our favourite topics no less!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you for having me here, Soni! And I should add that Release can be read by Adobe on the computer OR on the Kindle, so you're not limited to one e-reader or another!

Anonymous said...

I think my poem sums up why what I love about Henry so I post it :D

Oh my angel

In the face of the angel
Always a mysterious smile lurking
Caressing his lips
A smile that lights up the darkness
and turn night into day

The voice of the angel
Filled with love and humour
Let me know your secrets

In the face of the angel
Sweet eyes that draws me in,
deep as the ocean - filled with wonders
Let me know you

The voice of the angel
Commanding and strong
Let me know your secrets

The face of the angel changes
So the voice - I’m a vampire…
I know....

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

There's not just ONE thing that draws me to Henry Fitzroy, it's many things. The fact that he's not one of those whiney, "woe is me" kind of vampires buys points with me right off. The fact that he doesn't sparkle and that he has to stay out of the sun are all good points of a what a true vampire is. The fact that he's learned to live with what he is and makes no apologies for it also draws me in. He has a certain class and finesse that only comes from being born a royal. He oozes an air of aristocracy. All that and the fact that he managed to make us feel sympathy for something or someone we might consider somewhat devilish are things that I love about Henry.

Throw all that together and the fact that Kyle was only 22 when he played this character and managed to capture all those characteristics still blows me away, even after all this time has passed.


CheriS33 said...

What do I like most about Henry Fitzroy... well, obviously all the things mentioned above. He is indeed the quintessential fave vampire! But Kyle's performance stood above quite a bit, actually... because he seemed so real. I mean, we really believe that Henry is living, breathing, walking amongst us. And Kyle it seem so easy to believe that, too.
I'm also a History buff, so I just Love the connection to the Tudors!
But, mostly, I got hooked into Blood Ties and Henry, because I first watched during a very mournful time in my life... the show, the characters, the vampirism was just something I instantly found comfort in. I have been a Huge fan of vampires since I was a little girl, so naturally I would turn to something I felt akin to, and comfortable with.
Waiting for Blood Ties' next episode and "Henry" scenes really pulled me through alot of stuff.
I know, sounds sappy! But there it is!

Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Hello Ladies,
Thanks for your interesting comments!

Yes it great to see how relevant vampire Henry Fitzroy still is, even just this week (Monday) he was the featured vamp on VampBoyz!
And with Kyle Schmid having won sexiest man in the vampire realm just, what 21 days ago... who knows how far reaching this appeal may take him/Henry and how many more will be inspired thus!

megGT said...

I love it that Henry can be both mischievous, and haughty, boyish, and a killer with a conscience, enthusiastic and world weary.

All that PLUS a fondness for older women ;-)

LindyB said...

I liked Henry for all the reasons that have been discussed here. I especially liked that Tanya linked his character to a historical figure and meshed real life with fantasy so well.

I liked that Henry was comfortable and in control of his dark side and embraced being a vampire. I liked that Henry was such a romantic and still believed in love in spite of his experiences. I think his one regret about his life was that he could not spend eternity with someone he loved.

Most of all I liked Henry because Kyle was such a perfect choice to play him. I do miss Henry Fitzroy and Blood Ties.

Andrea I said...

I totally missed the show and don't know Henry. My daughter only got me into the paranormal genre two years ago with the Karen Moning Fever series.

Anonymous said...

These are such great reasons to love Henry -- cannot believe the shhow got cancelled with all the love out there!

Thanks for reading, guys!

Zahir Blue said...

I thought Henry Fitzroy was convincingly someone who had lived a very, very long time and had the kind of perspective that goes with that, coupled with a personality that would remain relatively "youthful" even after centuries. Result--he was fun, mysterious, and I totally believed not only his feelings for Vicky but his sometimes-over-the-top competition with Mike.

Simcha said...

Oooh, I loved Blood Ties and was devastated when the shows was canceled. This was the first vampire show I ever watched and it's still my favorite and Henry is definitely my favorite vampire. I read the first two books in Blood Series but I didn't quite enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the show. Although I preferred the way that Vicki was portrayed in the book then in the show, the book didn't have the same heat between Vicki and Henry.

luckyld said...

oooh i love blood ties it's the kind of vampire love story i could watch over & over again kyle schmidt is one cool good looking actor he was soooo good playing as henry fitzroy.

Anonymous said...

What I loved most about Henry was his chemistry with Vicky! The two of them were amazing together: sexy, hot, playful, funny...just great chemistry!

Anonymous said...

BTW...above comment made by Efhi :)

luckyld said...

i love the vampire henry fitzroy he is great not because he is a vampire because he is a vampire with a soul.