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Friday, June 19, 2009

(More) Bite Bits: Vampire-con, Free Book Friday...

11 Vampires hotter than Edward Cullen, you be the judge on this list posted @ SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle:

@ Fang-tastic books, for Free Book Friday, Roxanne is celebrating the release of Torrid Teasers volume 59 and she is offering a free pdf copy. See link for more details:

I came across this site for Vampire-con to be held in Hollywood California August 14-16 2009, see link for more:

Until next week, Have a fang-tastic weekend!


Roxanne Rhoads said...

Vampire Con looks OK but needs work, they need more than Vampirella to draw in fans and the vampires hotter than Edward Cullen...what a joke...literally hope it was meant to be a joke

Soni said...

Re: Vamps hotter than Edward, in this "Twilight" age (and prob. til the last film is released and hype dies, if it ever does)- there will probabaly be no end to the mentions and comparaison!

But in curiosity, which vamps(in fiction, film etc)do you find appealing Roxanne?