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Monday, June 22, 2009

A fang-tastic weekend was had by all: True Blood (season 2) Review

(caution alert: True Blood spoilers within)

It was a vamp-tastic weekend between Friday, June 12th and Sunday, June 14th, as some (two or three in particular) of Canada's TV channels broadcasted several vampire related movies. Such as: The Lost Boys (and The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe), Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire and more.
I could only assume that it was perhaps in celebration of the return of HBO’s TrueBlood that was set for return on Sunday, June 14th.
And what a return.

The show picked up where it had ended last season (1st), with the body in the back of the police car (Detective Bellefleur’s no less). Thankfully it turned out NOT to be that of Lafayette (and thank goodness to, as he, in my opinion is one of the better things about the show), but rather it was that (the body) of the voodoo lady, to whom Tara and her mom had been to see, to be exorcised of their demons. She was found with her chest agape and the most ghastly expression on her face (but I guess having your heart ripped out while still alive would do that to a person).

Tara is all in a panic, relieved at first that it's not Lafayette, but troubled nonetheless that it's still someone she knows. And of course she lies to the police about it. But with Sookie around, unintentionally hearing her thoughts, her lying is short lived.

Sookie goes to seek comfort in her fang-tastic boyfriend Bill, who is having issues of his own, training his new fledging female vamp, whom he was forced to turn as part of his punishment last season for killing one of his own kind, whilst saving Sookie’s life. Needless to say, when he finally tells Sookie about her, she doesn’t take it too well and decides to take some space from Bill.

On the other hand, Jason, Sookie’s (formerly??) sex addicted older brother, is found pining away over the lost of Amy: his “intentions-were-so-deceiving”, now deceased girlfriend of last season. He goes to repent and seek solace with the Fellowship of the Sun organisation. (I’m thinking, no hoping, despite his naiveté, that Jason will uncover something about the church that will provide for further conflict.)

Tara is still a member of the house hold of Maryann. And we are privy, via flashback, to shape shifter Sam’s connection to her. There is a mystery surrounding this woman (her identity and true intentions), which is not yet revealed. So this should make for some definite, continuing intrigue as the season progresses. (Personally, I’m going out on a limb here to say that I think she too is a shape shifter, but of a wholly larger breed than Sam’s mere dog. I’m thinking – Werewolf!?)

Meanwhile, the question still remains, where is Lafayette?
We discover him to be held chained and captive, along with several other people, in a squalid, dank, dark basement. He is as disoriented and as questioning as we are, as to: HOW did he get there? Since WHEN has he been there? WHERE is he? and furthermore WHY is he there?
My first speculation was that it may be the Fellowship of the Sun who has them captive. But that theory is soon dashed by the very end of this season 2 / episode 1 – when the captor(s) is / are revealed to be vampire(s) and more specifically the blond sheriff, Norse vamp himself – Eric Northman.

In conclusion, if this S2/E1 return is anything to go by, then I’d say we’re in for quite a ride in upcoming episodes.

So what say you readers? What do you think this new season will hold?
Do you like what you’ve seen so far, including taking into consideration the events of S1? I invite you to leave your comments below.

P.S. : Seen the new Lady Gaga video: Paparazzi?
Yes, that is indeed Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) from True Blood.

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