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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bite Bits: True Blood, BloodTies, Twilight.

Reminder 1: HBO's True Blood season 2 returns this weekend, Sunday June 14th @9pm. This season is set to take up where last season ended: Who is the body in the back seat? How would the relationship between Bill and Sookie change, with Bill's fledging in the mix? And (from the preview) what was that creature chasing Sookie through the woods?

Reminders 2 : Last Tues. 2nd June was the release of
Blood Ties season 1, the first 13 episodes, prices @ $26.99 and @ $17.99.

Over at Suburban Vampire, she is still running the raffle contest to win a copy of Blood Ties season 1 DVD and 2 copies of Tanya Huff's novels on which BT was based. Deadline to enter, is Monday June 15th. See link for more dets :

At Amberkatze, there is a contest on to win a copy of Nancy Haddock's Last Vampire Standing. Deadline to enter is Sunday, June 14th. See link for more dets:

Announced this week : Cam Gigandat, James in Twilight will play another Vampire,in a movie called Priest. see link:

Wishing you all a Fang-tastic weekend!! ;)

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