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Friday, March 12, 2010

Of Death & Dying (Corey Haim)... Angels... & Bite Bits!

Of Death and Dying

"Death by Stereo!"

This past Wednesday 10th of March 2010, we vampire fans, and more over Lost Boys lovers were hit with the news of the passing of actor Corey Haim.
Genre bloggers across the bloggersphere expressed sentiment and sorrow at this news. From Marta Acosta on Vampire Wire  to Nicole Hadaway on All things Smart and Scary, who credits the movie's influence on the writing of some of her characters.   
It was a tragic end to one of the better known icons of the 80's.

I'm an almost '80's baby, thus I was only about seven years old when the Lost Boys first came out, and Corey would have been about what, fourteen? I know I must have been still way too young when I finally saw the movie (as I do recall seeing it before I had ever even read Anne Rice or Dracula and I was initiated to those authors between the ages of 11 and 13).
But that's what you get, I guess when you grow up in a cinephile family.

I can't tell you how many times I've watched the Lost Boys. Every time it comes on television I watch it, and mind you, I already own the special edition DVD. I've watched it so many times that I know practically every line of dialogue by heart!

And although Corey was not "my crush" (neither Corey was for that matter... I was always a Jason Patric girl, even though he was waaay older, like 13 yrs older!), I still enjoyed the chemistry between the cast, esp. the two Corey's.

With Corey's passing and given what we have heard about the demons (in the form of drugs) which had possessed him over the years, one can only hope that this former Lost Boy, has now found peace in Angels arms.


And Angels

And speaking of Angels, just some three months ago I speculated in a blog post that Angels may be the new Vampires, after reading all the hype surrounding Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush, and seems perhaps I was on the right "wing" of thought.
There has been a heavenly reign of releases recently (and blog posts to match).

- Over at VampChix there's a post on Dark Angels: the Fallen and the Nephilim , as they celebrate(d) Angel Week.

- Fang-tastic Books has an Angelology Excerpt and Giveaway.

- While the VampBoyz featured Paul Bettany in Legion as their Boy of the week!

- A little before that (a few weeks ago) author Nicole Hadaway wrote a review of Anne Rice's Angel Time, which Anne also mentioned about on her FaceBook page.

- And soon (next week), yours truly will have a review of author Skyler White's provocative new novel of fallen angels, now vampires in, and Falling,Fly. As well as an interview with the author.


Bite Bits

 And speaking of vampires (don't you just love a good segue? :). Aforementioned author Nicole Hadaway is having a Giveaway Contest to win season 1 DVD of Blood Ties. The contest runs 'til next Friday 19th and is open to US & CND residents.

Also, a reminder (for all of us North of the American border) Canada's Space Channel still airs /re-airs episodes of Blood Ties, Fridays at 10am and Saturdays at 11am.
As well they (said Space channel) will be premiering season 1 of True Blood this Sunday 14th March @ 10pm.
I already saw and own the S1 DVD, but I'm such a "sucker" for the show (and vamps in general...but ex-nay on the "ilight Tway") that I'll most be watching it all again.

And info to the end - I just learned from self same Canada's Space Channel, that they will be airing The Lost Boys on Sunday 14th.


And in memory of dear Corey, here is the music video of G Tom Mac's  Cry Little Sister


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my contest, Soni, and great words regarding Corey Haim. He was the same age as I (only a year older), and I feel like we 'grew up together'. I crushed on him and his co-stars, and Miranda has spent many a summer night (in my mind!) riding around the CA boardwalks with the Lost Boys. A sad end to one of the actors who helped introduce the world to the concept of teenage vampires...

Soni (VampirePhile) said...

It's always my pleasure Nicole!

Yes, watching the Lost Boys will never be the same now with Corey's passing. And I saw a clip when the entertainment media news was 1st talking about it, and it showed a scene from "The Two Corey's" when he was upset for not getting a role in "The Lost Boys 2" (although he did finally at the very end).

I saw you mentioned in a reply post on your blog to ParaJunkee that there should be an "Introduce Today's Teenager to The Lost Boys" ... I totally agree!

Let me know if this does happen!