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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bite Bits: Gabrielle Faust, Tanya Huff, Anne Rice & ... Kyle Schmid?

Gabrielle Faust (who can also be found on Twitter by the same name, re: Gabrielle Faust ), author of the Eternal Vigilance book series, is in the process of adapting a script, with acclaimed indie director Anthony Brownrigg, for the first novel in EV series. And a petition has been started to collect signatures to "show...enthusiasm for this creative project and prove to possible movie studio executives that there is a demand for this film to be made". Here is a link to the petition: Help Make Eternal Vigilance into a movie

The goal is to collect 500,000 siggy's by the end of 2010. And I for one, am in hope that they will be able to achieve this goal (hence why I've decided to dedicate a blog post about it).

As an avid, die hard vampire fan(g) girl, I would be lying (to myself and you) if I said that I didn't want to see more vamp fare out there.

I most certainly would. 

But that doesn't mean that just for the sake of making vampire film (or Tv series), it should be: come what may, or anything goes, be it good or bad!

Not at all!

But when something merits being explored, when it has the "chops" (pardon the pun), to potentially become something great (or even greater than it is), then one can only hope it be given the chance to do so.

I mean, when you think of it, there have been some (books-to-film) which have been given the chance to become more than what they are, but have left some of us, (of the more logic mind in my opinion), thinking; "Really? ... but it wasn't all that good!" ( insert obvious Twilight reference here)...

And just in case there is wonder as to what makes me qualified to critique what merits a good or bad piece of literature or film - well I cut my teeth on Dracula and Anne Rice novels at the early age of 12 and 13. Not to mention, at an even earlier age (6? 7?) on some classic films of varying genres, from Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles to silent films, musicals and foreign language...

But I digress!

Faust's EV series continuously garners positive critical appeal, some of which can be read here: 

So it's with a love for things that go "bite in the night" that I'm hoping and supporting that this book-to-film, gets to see the light of ... a studio set!

And yes, Gabrielle just happens to be a "HUGE" fan of actor Kyle Schmid (the embodiment of vampire Henry Fitzroy from tv's Blood Ties)... But that's beside the point!


And speaking of Blood Ties, Tanya Huff, author of the Blood Books, on which Blood Ties is/was based, and from where we got our beloved vampire Henry Fitzroy (as played by Kyle Schmid ) is now on Twitter! Re: 


And speaking of authors, the (former?) vampire queen B herself, Mrs. Anne Rice, has, for want of a better term, "taken notice" of actor Kyle Schmid (it all comes back to him in this blogpost doesn't it? LoL!).

Albeit it was mainly to comment on the visually aesthetic appeal of the young actor - as fans posted photos in response to her (Rice's) FaceBook post that day regarding, one Matt Bomer of the tv show White Collar . 

Rice (referring to Bomer) said (and I quote): "I just love Matt Bomer. It's so difficult to determine what makes beauty; poise, voice, demeanor, all this is part of the mystery along with killer blue eyes and gorgeous dark hair, and gorgeous facial bone structure."

To which a fan of hers (and Kyle's I presume) replied: "Hi Anne, that description of Mr. Bomer (re: beauty; poise, voice, demeanor, ... killer blue eyes and gorgeous dark hair, and gorgeous facial bone structure) is also closely reminiscent of another actor (albeit younger than the aforementioned). This is actor Kyle Schmid!"

The pic posted by said fan must have caught the authors eye, for she then took the time to comment on it. You can see her comment here on her FaceBook page!

So who knows, reliable sources tell me (i.e. someone who had emailed her and received a response) that although she had "never heard of Blood Ties", she will "check it out when she can."
So in this world of "never knows", we may just yet hear her comment on more than his "aesthetic appeal", but his damn fine acting chops as well! ;o)


And as I'm on the Kyle Schmid trend in this post, I might as well go full circle and add a fan made youtube video here, wherein, Kyle as his character vampire Henry Fitzroy, stars.

This vid (in my opinion) brings to mind a line of dialogue from the Blood Ties epi 5:55, where Henry says to Vicki: "I don't need to make a sexual advance... I am ONE!"

Well, you be the judge! 


Anonymous said...

We must be sisters under the skin -- I loved Hitchcock movies at the tender ages of 9 and 10!

I remember that line from 5:55 and it was so totally true!

Great post today, Soni. In the wake of what seems to be endless (and often times, needless -- Friday the 13th, A-Team?) remakes, it would be so wonderful to get some fresh, ahem, blood and storylines like those of Ms. Faust. ;-)

Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by!

Yes as they say great minds... I have my cinephile of an uncle to thank for indoctrinating me into the wonderful world of film and tv (and my mom for the world of books!)

I couldn't agree more about all the darn re-makes. I mean coincidental case in point - just this past friday after leaving the cinema ( I went to see "It's Complicated"), I passed by the poster for the re-make of "the Karate Kid", and had to turn to the person beside me to lament H'Wood's seeming lack of imagination these days!

I long for the days of original productions, including books-to-film and there is more than a plethora of books they can delve into...

That's why I sincerely hope Gabrielle has success with her endeavour and as you said bring "fresh blood" to a thirsty/starving industry... or at least starving fan(g)s! ;o)