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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing all a Bloody good Holiday!... And some bite bits.

That other blood red (and green) holiday is now upon us, the only other time where we see as much red as on Valentines day or blood from ones' veins.

So I'd like to take this time to give a warm, red blooded Thank You and wish Happy Holidays, to all my Vamp-Boy and Fang-Girl followers - the newly Turned and Ancient alike (on here and those also following on Twitter and FaceBook, who stop by, occasionally, to read what I have to write :o).  

And here's a little Red Round-up of some of the Season's "V" - things:

1) Don't forget to check author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Guest post here on VampirePhile from last Thursday December 17th, on St. Germain's Rules of Vampirism

And also, from back in October, VampirePhile's very first author interview with author Roxanne Rhoads.

2) Do you have your Fitzroy? Henry that is! Be ready for 2010 with 12 months of the handsome Blood Ties, bastard Prince himself, vampire Henry Fitzroy calendar from CafePress.

3) VampChix is doing their 12 days of Christmas countdown, with only one day to go. Check it out and see who or what arises on the last (Christmas) day.

4) And while you're at VampChix, be sure to check out their eternal VampBoyz list.

5) Unofficial, but bloody good nonetheless, check out the vamped apparel at the Zazzle Vamp Out store. Cool fan created slogan tees, such as this Eric dedicated one (which I did buy :o) : "1,000 years never looked so good" indeed.

6) And speaking of Eric, earlier this week, SciFiGuy treated us to a sneak peak of Charlaine Harris' new Sooike Stackhouse book 10 cover : Dead in the Family. Which is set for release May 2010.

7) *Singing* "On the first day of Christmas, my True Blood fantasy..." On HBO's official True Blood FaceBook page, you are invited to continue in the revelry. (Singing along, here was my answer: "one Viking Eric biting...").

8) Today, over at the Eternal Vigilance, Gabrielle Faust, has posted a new clip from the upcoming DayBreakers, set for release in January 2010.

9) I've been hearing alot of buzz on this fairly new (August 31) book release called Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Some are touting it as the next big thing after Twilight. Only this time, it's with Angels. So who knows, soon Angels may be the new Vampires?

10) And speaking of vampires and angels, just a few minutes ago, Anne Rice announced via her official Anne Rice facebook page, about her official Anne Rice Ning page, she has recently created.

Lestat's mom, loves to keep connected with her fan(g)s...Not only does she have her official Anne Rice website, but there is also an official Anne Rice Twitter Stream and an official Anne Rice YouTube station....

Well I for one, I'm glad she likes keeping connected... here's hoping she may give some consideration to the suggestions of (our beloved) Kyle Schmid for the role of (her beloved) Lestat!?

And finally (for today at least), again, Thank You All for taking a stake "in" (but not "to") this ( VampirePhile) blog. Happy Holidays, and here's to All the best in the fang-tastic future ahead! :[

P.S. - I've added two new features to this here blog... One, at the very top (re: Blood Ties theme song with intro video) and the other, well... can you "Hear" what I'm talking about!?


SciFiGuy said...

Fun post. Thanks for the mention :) Merry Christmas!

Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Thank you! My pleasure... and Merry Christmas to you as well!

Shan Shortcut said...

heya, loving ur blog and
thnx for stopping by

i hope u were not offended by my vampire babble, i do babbling a lot on my blog, so ignore it :D

i know it SUCKS big time how all these good shows keep getting canceled. i am CRAVING for some Blood Ties and Kyle Schmid *blush*, but its canceled :(

no matter how much the fans protest, they just simply don't bother doing anything.

there is no point hoping anymore, because its been off air for more than 2 years now

the worst bit is that the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, so i was dying to know who Vicky chooses and what happens to the demon, but now I will never know :'(

there is still True Blood, but it will be back in JUNE (omg, I am starving here), but it would have been nice to see Blood Ties back.

I actually visited yesterday! But I want him back as a vampire. He is the best guy to play a vampire, EVER

happy holidays to u too :)

Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Hi Shan, likewise thank you for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

No, no, was not offended by your vampire babble as you call it, LoL!

You mentioned True Blood, do you also watch The Vampire Diaries?

As far as I'm concerned there's not ENOUGH vampires on Tv - there should be a tv chan just for that genre, LoL! (and maybe werewolves too, afterall they do seem to go well together!)

Couln't agree more (re: Kyle best guy to play a Vampire)... maybe we could get his as Lestat (here's hoping, LoL).

Ps on KSC I post under username Suzq22!

Shan Shortcut said...

oh i love True Blood. when i first started watching it i dint like it at all, but its ADDICTIVE, nd now im craving for it.
I actually don't watch Vampire Diaries, but i have heard a lot bout it. is it worth a watch? i wasn't so sure bout starting on it, but if u recommend it den i will give it a go :D

u knw, considering how popular da vampire genre is getting, i wont be surprised if they do bring our a vampire channel!

i really hope Kyle plays some other vampire in other TV shows (if there is no more Blood Ties) *fingers crossed*

oh, just an interesting info-bite, i was just looking up myths of vampires, and its like almost every single culture has some vampire myth somewhere. i always used to think it was exclusively from Northern/eastern Europe only, but apparently not

oooh...maybe they are real (?????) :S