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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tanya Huff's vampire Henry Fitzroy may get re-newed (undead) life?

The news was broken earlier today by The Hollywood Reporter (well the THR news was actually broken to the rest of us first, by an alert Kyle Schmid fan, MaggieMay, on/via Kyle Schmid Central on Kyle's Korner), that Canadian author Tanya Huff's Smoke Books  may become the basis for the potential development of a new vampire series for the small screen, to be done by Fremantle Corp and Kaleidoscope Entertainment (the same company that gave us our beloved Blood Ties.) - In fact, the news was so fast breaking that even the author herself was surprised, as she tweeted here and here.

There was also this bit of news on the same topic, to which Mrs. Huff corrected  in her 2nd tweet above as per the correct location (i.e. not LA, but Vancouver).

Nevertheless, this news, as it broke today was met with tons of virtual applause by fans at the possibility - ( well once all goes well and they get the financing for this project ) - that the beloved and debonair vampire Henry Fitzroy may get to rise from his death like sleep, and once again grace our screens.

Of course added to this, is the further hope that if indeed this project comes to pass, that the man himself, Kyle Schmid, who IS the embodiment of said vampire, would indeed get to / choose to reprise his role as the vampire Henry Fitzroy. 

I mean afterall, for anyone who is a fan of Blood Ties you all KNOW that Kyle Schmid MAKES Henry Fitzroy who and what he is: "I am not to be taken lightly. Do not forget who and what I am." - Henry Fitzroy, Blood Ties

In the end (or maybe, in this case, hopefully, fingers & fangs crossed  - the beginning, again?) when all is said and done, regardless of anything else, such as any changes/differences that the Smoke and Mirrors (as the series would be called if green lit) may take on, the virtual voices are unanimous in who should be vampire Henry Fitzroy ( and as the expression goes Fifty Million Frenchmen can't be wrong, n'est pas!?)

So as much as my writers' mind wanders off and wonders on speculations of what has yet to come to pass, it is with Patience and Prayers that we fans will wait, as I tweeted back to Mrs. Huff, "with fingers crossed and bated breath".

But still... here's looking at you, Henry ;o)


Anonymous said...

Oh it's about time Henry was back on! Still think they should bring back Vicki and Mike, though!

In terms of novels, I actually preferred the Smoke series to the Blood series -- the sense of humor in the writing was hysterical. Smoke and Mirrors was my fave in the series, and Henry's not in Smoke and Ashes too much :(

It'll be interesting to see how they play Henry against his male love interest, Tony, who appeared in the Blood books but got cut from the series!

Thanks so much for this info, Soni!

Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Hi Nicole thanks for stopping by. :)

Yes, yesterday we were all a twitter with this news, even though, as Tanya Huff Tweeted back to me, it's in the "pre-pre development" the news definitely renewed a glimmer of hope in us. Now we waiting with patience and prayer, that some good news will be brought back to us when they return from Cannes (where they head to next week).

I hvn't read the Smoke books, but speculation is rampant (and mind you, I would admit that I'm among the speculators) that there may be some "re-vamping".

From the synopsis given in one or both articles, it appears that it may feature Henry more prominently (or at least we fans would like to think so).

I've been speculating as well that maybe that it may not follow them (the books) hard & fast. Esp as the article refers to "The story follows a vampire who heads to LA where one of his graphic novels is being adapted into a TV series"

Maybe it'll be as we had hoped - a spinoff of Henry's life after Vicki, after the end of BT 'Deep Dark', when Henry said he was re-locating to Vancouver.

Maybe Tony may not even be a main character but secondary?
Maybe they may just use the title "Smoke & Mirrors" but change some things creatively to have it revolve more around Henry?

Maybe there'll be mention of the events in Blood Ties to give a sense of closure to it, and then focus more on Henry!?

Of course this is just a whole bunch of speculations on my part! :)