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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review: The Vampire Diaries epi. 16 "There goes the Neighbourhood"

*Warning, may contain spoilers if you've not seen the episode as yet*

Oh my freaking God! Can you say more surprises than a b'day party? The Vampire Diaries aims to, and pleases, yet again.

Okay, so generally I don't do an epi. by epi review of TVD (as we so fondly refer to it on Twitter), but tonight's epi. was one of those that had me audibly gasping.

From Damon's "OUCH" (my reaction btw) moment in the beginning. To Jeremy's "Ooooh... Naughty Jeremy" (also my reaction) moment close to the end... and then his subsequent request of Anna at the very end that left me thinking: "Wait, it's April 1st, he must be joking right?"

Tonights epi. of TVD thickened the plot in my opinion, in 3 particular areas:

a) As concerning the vamps who have now wandered out of the tomb.... and dare we say Damon has met his match? 
"I have 400 years on you, little boy. I'll rip you from limb to limb, in the blink of an eye and you know it." -  tremble in awe at the power of Pearl, as she digs into Damon's eyes (There was my audible WTF "OUCH" moment).

b) The evolution of Matt and Caroline's relationship (poor Caro, I soo feel for her, and Candice Accola is so deserving of kudos for the beautiful display of vulnerability she is able to portray that allows the viewer to connect with her on that level).

c) And the (surprising to say the least) twist that now presents itself in the Jeremy / Anna dynamic. If or as you all may recall, Jeremy regained his memory (from Damon's suggestive "I'll make him forget" thrall) in an epi. sometime last Fall. 

Now Jeremy is intrigued (and a tease to boot) by poor confused Anna  - (here be another young actress, Malese Jow, who in my opinion, emoted effortlessly the angst of being a teen... and a vampire no less. After he (Jeremy) "accidentally" cuts into his palm, he attempts to tempt her with his blood. (There was my "Ooooh... naughty Jeremy" moment). 

It's only been the second half of the 1st season and already TVD has thrown more plot twists and curve balls at us viewers than ... Acrobats at a Circus? a Baseball game? a Winding road? Choose your appropriate metaphor a/o simile a/o hyperbole, whatever, - but fasten your seat belts, it's (probably) going to be a bumpy (set of) night(s) ahead of us in the weeks to come... and I for one look forward to it! ;o)

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