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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vampire Poetry: My Life, My Love, My Blood

This poem of mine was originally published on Fang-tastic Books this past Summer (June).
But with Halloween coming soon, I thought it fitting to repost:

My Life, My Love, My Blood

Through my life, my love, my blood - You live.
Seeking the mortal, from immortality.
Claws tear at my skin,
Seeking the essence of life within.
And I, by choice, give in, to your sweet, subtle sin.

You live your lost life through my blood.
You, who have lived far beyond regular reality.
Akin to your own muse, am I.
And you shall weep those blood tears when I die,
As *Louis had wept for *Claudia.

My breasts bleed, nicked by your ferocious fangs.
As you seek the womb of my breeding being.
You know it will come, your senses have gleaned
And you will savour my secret spate to placate your pangs.

And in those moments of great despair
You will miss me when I am no longer there.
You will crave me, as the life you once loved,
The life you once had, the life that gave you blood.

*Characters from Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles”

© 2011

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