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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vampire Poetry: Of Angels and Demons

Of Angels and Demons

They met in the deppths of Dark Shadows.
The loner vampire and the maiden hallow

Soon their energies swayed as they did the dance

Unaware observers looked on, entranced.

An angel for a demon
(one the yin to the others' yang)

each giving in, within reason.

Angels’ soft flesh willing

To receive her devils’ firm fang.

And with bite
He entices

And tastes

Her innocent vices.

At night they convened under clandestine cloud
seeking each other via virtual shroud

(No alarms and no surprises)

As his dear angel gave in, to her demon’s devices.

But Alas! Alack! When day comes dawning
The sun rises and then dear demon seeks hiding

And Angel waits by the gates (of heaven? or hell?)

Only in due time will tell.

(Only at night, do Angels dance with Demons, by the pale moonlight.)

©2011 (ad infinitum) 

1 comment:

Jim Morrison said...

what a nice poem! Nice Work! :D