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Friday, July 23, 2010

Vampire Henry Fitzroy's re-Birth-day... & actor Kyle Schmid's Birthday.

So today, Friday July 23rd, is somewhat of an auspicious day for those of us who are vampire fans. And more so, for those of us who are fans of a specific, Royal, blue blooded (albeit bastard) vampire Prince.

And whom might that vamp, du (ce) jour, be?

It's none other than vampire Henry Fitzroy.

Today marks the day when, thanks to the creative genius of author Tanya Huff, the real life persona of Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of King Henry VIII and 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset, died, but was re-born into the world of Huff's Blood Books as, vampire.

Today is also the day when, in the zodiac, the sun enters Leo and will remain there until August 22nd. Leo is represented by the symbol of the proud lion, which in essence, it (the lion) is also a royal symbol. Noted among the traits of a Leo personality are: Loyalty, self-confidence, charisma.

And speaking of Leo's and vampires (and don't you just love a good segue? :)  

The actor who embodied and breath life into the aforementioned vampire Henry Fitzroy on tv's Blood Ties also celebrates his own birthday under the zodiac sign of the Lion.

Yes Kyle Schmid is, as vampire Henry Fitzroy was, a Leo (albeit of the other month).  

Kyle will be celebrating his birthday coming up on August 3rd and in anticipation of this, an e-card was put together for him, for his fans to sign and leave messages.
Said card can be signed> here.

His Blood Ties co-star, actress Christina Cox also celebrates her birthday under the sign of Leo. This "lioness" celebrates this month, on July 31st, and an e-card has also been created for her fans to leave messages for her. Her card can be signed> here.


Bradmouth said...

Why have I never heard of Blood Ties? I could've used the knowledge for my latest article.

Love your site!

And if anyone wants, check out my snark-filled Top Ten Hottest Male Vamps of All Time at my site.


maggiemay said...

Hopefully Soni won't mind if I field this one. The reason you've never heard of Blood Ties is that the show originally aired on Lifetime. During the first season they promoted it well, during the second season they moved it to 11:00 p.m. and never renewed, claiming bad ratings which couldn't be further from the truth as we were told from someone who was in a position to know the truth.

Most people are under the misconception that the TV show Moonlight or the movie Twilight were the forerunner's of the current vampire craze. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Blood Ties was based upon the Blood Books, written by Tanya Huff. The Blood Books came out before Buffy, Angel, Moonlight, Twilight and True Blood. Blood Ties aired on Lifetime BEFORE Moonlight but because it wasn't a major network and poorly advertised no one knew where or what it was.

That being said this was a show that was done on a limited budget, financed in part by grants from the Canadian government and other sources. It never took itself seriously and the writing on the show was fantastic. The setting of the main character's office had a Mickey Spillane feeling to it. The show was funny, camp and dramatic when it had to be. The chemistry between the four leads on the show was nothing less than magic.

The show was about an independent female P. I. (Vicki Nelson) who was no longer works on the Toronto Police force due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. Her ex-boyfriend (Mike Celluci), ex-lover remained on the force. She begins to investigate cases that don't appear to be quite the norm and runs into a vampire by the name of Henry Fitzroy (who just happens to be the bastard son of Henry VIII). Henry has managed to live for years without being discovered and doesn't want the cases that Vicki is involved in to bring attention to him, he feels that it's in his best defense to help her solve them. During he course of solving the crimes a romantic triangle forms between Vicki, Mike and Henry.

Christina Cox plays Vicki Nelson, Dylan Neal plays Mike Celluci, Gina Holden plays Vicki's secretary Coreen and Kyle Schmid plays Henry Fitzroy. The astounding thing about Kyle Schmid is that he was ONLY 22 when he filmed this show but managed to have the gravitas to carry off the role of a 450 year-old vampire. One of his cast mates said he was "Sex on Two Legs. Kyle managed to pull off the air of aristocracy and arrogance that would be present in someone of noble lineage.

Fans of the show attempted to save the show to no avail. Thousands of letters and post cards were sent to lifetime, calls were made to lifetime offices. An online ad in Variety online was run during the Emmy Season a couple of years ago (costing $3,500). Money collected and donated in the cast names to animal shelters, in addition to eye glasses being donated to the Lions Club.

Old fans continue to "turn" new fans onto Blood Ties by recommending that they buy the DVDs which are available. It's a tribute to how much the show is loved when about three years later many of us can quote lines from the show.

maggiemay said...

You can find more information at:,, and last but not least Soni's site here as well. The author of the Kyle-Schmid-Examiner didn't even know who Kyle Schmid was when she ran a poll for "Who is the Sexiest Vampire in the Realm" which Kyle Schmid won. The poll had been up two days before she added him at the rest of his fans. She then proceeded to purchase the DVDs, had a Blood Ties marathon and is now a fan with the rest of us. Other authors have been aware of him such as Marta Acosta, Nicole Hathoway, Gabrielle Faust, etc.

And although you may have some fine choices of vampires on your list, none of them compares to Henry Fitzroy as portrayed by Kyle Schmid. Besides, real vampires DO NOT SPARKLE. Run, do not walk, to buy the Blood Ties Dvds so you'll know what you've been missing.

Bradmouth said...

I'll check them out.

If it makes you feel better, other than Eric on True Blood, I'm not a big fan of any of the vamps on my list (other than Chocula).


Bradmouth said...

Actually, I loved Spike.

Had to add that.

And as a fan of Farscape, I understand losing a show before it's time.


Bradmouth said...

Finished my hot vamps list. Sorry Henry didn't make it.

But then again, every time a list of coolest sci-fi protagonists comes out and it leaves off John Crichton, I feel your pain.

Cool music.

Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Hey Brad, I've been meaning to get back to your on this (though in the meantime, yes, I did find your website, and the vampire article in question, and I'm now following you on Twitter).

Well MaggieMay just about covered it on Blood Ties and Henry, but Brad I see you mentioned Farscape.

OMG! Yes, this (Farscape) was also a much loved show which was given the boot too soon. Such a well written show with diverse characters. I was such a fan of Rygel :)

I've been keeping track of it hoping that maybe some more tv mini movies would be done a la "The PeaceKeeper Wars". In the meantime, I've to content myself with the series box set that was released this year!

Btw, if you're on FB you can find me here>

Anonymous said...

Ilove henry fitroy love to know if he is true. Like. Your. Story is it real