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Monday, September 28, 2009

Bite Bits: Vamps, Vamps and more Vamps!

So it's officially the Halloween month! So here is a haggle of vampiric helpings!

1) The Vampire Diaries makes Yahoo's list of top 10 most anticipated new shows

2) The Vampire Diaries say "Bite Me" to the competition

3) Buffy and Spike ("Smashed") make Tv's 21 sexiest scenes.

4) Who is the sexiest vampire of all time? Go vote for Bill or Eric or Angel or Edward
They're all on the list.

5) Vorizon Wireless and MTV team up on vampire series "Valemont."
Read even more about it here.

6) Moyer (Vampire Bill) drops a bit of (spoiler- y ?) Truth on Blood Season 3?!

7) From Vampire Cafe , article True Blood: Why young women are lapping up Vampire stories.

8) Oh Lordy, first "I kissed a girl" and now "I kissed a vampire" !
What next? It's a "Rock Musical" by the way!

9) HBO's True Blood gave use the Tru Blood beverage, now there's a new blood drink packaged in a mock IV bag, see here what the VampChix found.

10) Has horror comedies reached new lows? You be the judge when Transylmania come to theatres.


ParaJunkee said...

Thanks for putting that together. I'm excited and a little ho-hum about fangs becoming main-stream...well at least now people don't think I'm sooo weird. I'm glad I found your blog, I'm now following. ParaJunkee

Soni said...

Hi ParaJunkee,

Thanks for following me.

Just checked your blog too, nice!!

I'll be following you too and I'll give your blog a Tweet and shout out on my VampPhile FB page!