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Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay, so I had been meaning to write a review on Twilight for a while now (since having seen it 2x last Nov. '08). Well the DVD is soon to be released, so still, this review is better late than never.

As much as I had looked fwd to the film - because I had read the books (well the 1st 3 anyway, as I still have yet to read bk 4) - as much as I'd looked forward to it, I didn't have too many high expectations (nor did I have low ones). I just went in there to see what a/o how it was being brought to the screen.

So, yes. I liked it, yet I didn't like it!

On it's own, not taking into consideration it was based on a book, it was good.
But when comparing it to the book it's based upon, I would say it fell short in (some / so many) areas.

But I guess those are some of the sacrifices that are made from book to film.

Nevertheless, the cinematography of the film itself, left a lot to be desired in my opinion. The continuity issues in some scenes ( Edward and Bella when she was in the hospital. Edward in a diff. position almost each time the camera flashes to him, when he is supposed to be pretending to be asleep. The forever moving/changing breathing tube in Bella's nose, when it was supposed to be a one clean shot).

In some scenes, it was almost as if the director threw all rules that apply to cinematic continuity out the window.

In other scenes, there were the long uncomfortable silences (Bella and her father in the kitchen). This scene (as an example of one) could have used some non-diegetic background music in it.

In all, Twilight was just simply "good" as the movie it was... but in juxtaposition to its' source, i.e.: the book : Twilight , it could have been better.

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