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Monday, February 9, 2009

Amberkatze's Interview w/ Rae Lori - "Kiss of Ashen Twilight".

On Amberkatze's Book Blog -, she recently did a blog interview with author Rae Lori on her latest: "Kiss of Ashen Twilight".

And when asked by Amber - "Who are the main characters in A Kiss of Ashen Twilight? Are they based on anyone you know?"

Rae Lori replies:
" The main characters are Jace Archane, a vampire Scot, and Ariya, the Aziza fairy. I don’t think their temperaments are based on anyone I know but I was inspired by Kyle Schmid’s Henry Fitzroy from Tanya Huff’s Blood series (which became the Blood Ties television show) for Jace and Megalyn Echikunwoke from 4400 for Ariya. I loved how Kyle played Henry in a way where he was confident in who and what he was. When he was called a monster, he agreed but he said he was one who could control his needs. He knew what he was and what he did to survive and somewhat reveled in it when feeding. That was highly sexy to me and I loved that kind of vampire rather than the brooding one moping about his existence. We don’t see enough of the former I think. He reminded me of a New Age Lestat."

You can read the entire interview here:

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