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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bite Bits: And the Winner is...

... Efhi Balafoutis! Congrats Efhi, you are the lucky winner of last weeks contest for the copy of Melissa de la Cruz's Bloody Valentine. Please send your mailing address information to and the book will be sent to you, asap.

And coming up next week, there will be another contest / book giveaway. This time for copies of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's latest in the vampire Count Saint-Germain series: An Embarrassment of Riches.

In other fang-tastic news, Underworld 4: New Dawn
begins filming in Vancouver this month
(by next week to be exact) and there may/will be a Lost Girl,
connection. It's not as yet "officially" announced, but said LG cast member mentioned on their official page that they'll "be playing a werewolf" in the upcoming film. Those of you who follow this Lost Girl actor/actress will already know of whom I speak...Anyone else, well, you can give your guesses ;)

Here's a bit more to 'bite' into, check out this site for the Internet Distributed Comedy series Vampirism Bites. The entire first season of this comedy web series is available on the website: Thanks to creator James Fernandez for bringing it to this fang fille's attention.

And a bit more bite before bidding you all adieu. Anyone with an or Amazon.Uk account and who may be interested in contributing reviews, Nathyn Brendan Masters, author of Blackrayne would like to send you a PDF copy of the book for review. Thereafter, all you would have to do is add your review of it on Amazon.

Interested readers who wish to review, please email me at no later than this coming Sunday March 6th (reference "Amazon Book Review" in the subject line) and I will forward your email address on to Nathyn, who will get in touch with you thereafter with the PDF copy for review.


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vampiri said...

Love the Underworld 4 FYI cannot keep doing what you are doing.