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Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Drawn to the Predator' by Raven Corinn Carluk.

Today VampirePhile would like to welcome author Raven Corrin Carluk with a guest post on the subject of the vampire predator.

Drawn to the predator - by Raven Corinn Carluk

Hello everyone.  I'm pleased to be here, and a big thank you to Soni.  Always a pleasure to deal with other vampirephiles. 

We all love vampires here, so I'm sure I don't need to tell you they're the coolest monster, or anything like that.  Since there are different reasons to love vampires, however, I will gladly talk about that.

To me, vampires should be a little vicious, a little arrogant, and all predator.  If they're trying to be human, or refusing to drink human blood, then they're just not a vampire to me.

Not that they have to be monsters.  The beasts in 30 Days of Night weren't that sexy, though fun in their own way.

I'm talking about Lestat, or Dracula, or Eric.  They can be romantic, and they all have confidence and sexyness, and they would all hunt a girl to climax.  Without getting all mopey and keeping her safely at arm's length.

How are you to enjoy the best part of being with a vampire if he won't bite you?  One might as well tell a roller coaster enthusiast that watching a film of roller coasters is good enough. Or that a tofurkey is a replacement for turkey.

If a vampire won't drink blood, how are they really a vampire? Aren't they then just a human with a sun allergy?

It's the fact they're predators that draws me to vampires.  Being stalked is very much a thrill, especially when it culminates in a fantastic time.  Not only is there pleasure in the bite, but you can be satisfied knowing that he needs you, and you're giving him the very thing he requires to live.

And there's not much better than that. 

So who's your perfect predator? 

Raven Corinn Carluk writes in the shadows on the path to fame.  Learn about her novel All Hallows Blood on her site, and keep up to date with her on her blog or through Twitter.  She looks forward to hearing from you, and promises not to draw blood.

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